Lt William Alexander Cleghorn


1893 Mar 22. Born Ruatan, Honduras. Son of Rev Robert Cleghorn, who ran the Baptist Mission in Belize. And Henrietta nee McCollough Though the 1911 census does give his birth as "Spanish Honduras", which is Honduras today, rather than Belize and in fact his father's record shows that Honduras is correct.

Rev. Robert Cleghorn, O.B.E., was born in Scotland in 1869 and arrived in Belize, British Honduras, on 1st of April 1889. Accompanied by an uncle, the Rev. Charles Brown, who was in charged of the Baptist Mission in Belize at the time, Mr. Cleghorn immediately “got busy.” He took charge of the school in Belize, conducted by the Mission, and later, was sent to superintend country schools, with headquarters at “Crooked Tree” on the Belize River. In 1892 Mr., Cleghorn was sent to Ruatan, Spanish Honduras, to take charge of the Mission there, and after nearly ten years of very successful service he returned to Belize in 1901, w hen the Rev. Charles Brown left the country. From then until now Mr. Cleghorn has labored unremittingly for the cause of the Baptist Mission. Robert Cleghorn became the chief head pastor and superintendent of the Baptist Mission in Belize in in 1901 , in a career that ended in 1939, after celebrating his fiftieth year of service in Belize .

1909 to 1914 An Architect working for R M Cameron, Great King St, Edinburgh (RAF Record)

1911 census with grandparents in Edinburgh.

1918 Jan 30. Cadet William Alexander Cleghorn to be 2nd Lt.

1918 Oct 31 Enters RAF

1919 Jul 30. Scottish Horse.— 2nd Lt. W. A. Cleghorn to be Lt., next below Lt. J. F. Clark.

1920 Jul 29 Arrives in New York. He is a Government Official living in Belize, British Honduras.

1920 Aug 11. Arrives in UK from New York

1920 Sep 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 566.

1920 Oct 15. Struck off strength ADRIC. "Absentee"

1924 Feb 22. Arrives in USA from Canada. He has been living in Nigeria, employed by London & Kano Trading Co,

1927 Arrives in UK from New York. He is travelling with Marguerite Cleghorn

1927 Aug 30 He arrives in New York from UK and is an Architect. He has been living permanently in Kingston, PA for last 8.5 years

1930 Census at Detroit with his wife Marguerite and daughter Susan. He is a Draftsman in an Architect Office

1931 Dec 3. Crosses from USA to Canada

1940 Census at Detroit, USA. Wife Marguerite. He is a Draftsman.

1988 Nov Died Michigan