Lt Francis Charles Hugh Compton, West Kent

1897 Apr/Jun Born Croyden, Surrey.

1901 census at 22, Parchmore Road, Croydon

1911 census at 22 Parchmore Road Thornton Heath

1915 Apr 9. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Francis Charles Hugh Compton.

1917 Jun 1. Royal West Kent Regt.— 2nd Lt. F. C. H. Compton to be Lt., with precedence next below Lt. E. Watts

1921 Jan 15. TA Reserve. Lt. F. C. H. Compton, from 4th Bn., Royal West Kent Regt., to be Lt

1921 Jan 23. Joined ADRIC with Service no 1583. Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 4. Posted to M Coy.

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1935 Oct 27. Arrives in UK from Curacao. He is a Marine Wireless operator and travels 2nd Class

SS Scientist

1940 May . Wireless Operator on SS Scientist . The cargo ship was shelled and sunk in the South Atlantic by Atlantis with the loss of two crew. He became a POW. The route back to Germany was horrendous

The German raider Atlantis met The Scientist, which was carrying ore and jute. The Germans raised their battleflag and displayed signal pennants stating, "Stop or I fire! Don't use your radio!" The 75 mm gun fired a warning shot. The British immediately began transmitting their alarm signal, "QQQ...QQQ...Unidentified merchantman has ordered me to stop," and the Germans began transmitting so as to jam the signals. The Scientist turned to flee, and on the second salvo from Atlantis, flames exploded from the ship, followed by a cloud of dust and then white steam from the boilers. A British sailor was killed and the remaining 77 were taken as prisoners of war. After failing to sink the ship with demolition charges, the crew of Schiff 16 used their guns and a torpedo to finish off The Scientist.

1963 Dec 10 Died Kent