Geoffrey Cotton Cooke

1893 Jun 2. Born Kensington, London

1901 census at 12 Wetherby Rd, Kensington

1907 Jul 12. His father is in serious trouble. Paulin Cotton Cooke got a 5 year Penal Servitude sentence and went to live in Argentina on his release in 1911 with family, Mrs Cooke died in UK in 1911. Mr Cooke dies in 1933.

1911 census - not there. I assume he was in Argentina

1915 May 24. RFA. The undermentioned Cadets and ex-Cadets of the. Officers Training Corps to be Second Lieutenants (on probation). Geoffrey Cotton-Cooke (member of Inns of Court Officers Training Corps).

1915 Nov Landed in France

1916 Jan 20 . Royal East Kent (The Duke of Connaught's Own, (Mounted Rifles'). Second Lieutenant Geoffrey Cotton-Cooke,.from Reserve Battery, Royal Field Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant.

1917 Jul 20 . 2nd Lt. G. Cotton-Cooke to be Lt.

1918 Jan 28. Lt. G. Cotton-Cooke is seconded for service with the King's African Rifles.

1919 Jul 7. East Kent. Lt. G. Cotton -Cooke is restored to the estbt.

1920 Aug 21. Arrives London from Buenos Aires. Travels 2nd Class

1920 Oct 28 Joined ADRIC with service no 914. Posted H Coy (on pension card)

1921 May 21 On probation with RIC

1921 Jun 24. Permanent officer in RIC

1921 Sep 30. The undermentioned offrs. relinquish their commns., under A.O. 166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retain their rank . R East Kent - Lt G Cotton Cooke

1922 May 10. Pensioned from RIC

1932 May 6. Leaves UK for Mombassa, he is a "farmer" UK address is 57 Peel St, Campden.

1932 Married in Kenya

1939 Register at Tudor Court Hotel Cromwell Road , Kensington, "Late Inspector RIC" & assistant censor

1948 Jun 28 Divorced

1948 married in London to Elsa Hugolyne "Hugo" Gertrude Gwynne-James

1966 Apr 22 His daughter by first wife married.

1969 Apr 16. Died Uckfield, Sussex