John Grant Cooney MC , RFA

He served as John Cooney during WW1, without the "Grant". The "Grant" seems to have been added when he joined the ADRIC, and he used it afterwards in life. His mother was Annie Grant. Father John Cooney b1864 who is a Calendar Worker ( A Callendar was a machine used to press and finish fabrics or paper between rollers)

1898. Born Aylth, Dundee, Scotland (RIC gives 11 Apr 1896 in Dundee)

1901 At Dundee with parents at 117 Ann St

Name Age
John Cooney 35
Ann Cooney 30
Annie Cooney 7
Agnes Cooney 5
John Cooney 2

1911 census at 117 Ann St, Dundee

1914 Sep 9. Enlisted

1915 May 2. Landed in France

1916 Nov 10 Applies for a commission

1916 Nov 10. Commissioned 2nd Lt "John Cooney" in RFA

1918 Apr 28. Promoted Lt

1918 Aug 17 Acquited at Court Martial of 2 charges

1919 Apr 1 . MC Gazetted 2nd Lt. John .Cooney, R.F.A. (Spec. Res.), rattd. C./161st Bde. On 5th and 6th November, 1918, he was in command of a section of guns in close support of the infantry, and showed great dash and initiative. On 6th November, when the .infantry were held up by machine-gun fire, he brought one gun up through the village and engaged the machine gun over open sights at a range of 400 yards, silencing it and clearing the way for the infantry.

1920 Apr 1. RFA. The undermentioned relinquish their commns. Lts., and retain the rank of Lt.: — J. Cooney, M.C.

1920 Aug 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 157. Posted to A Coy

Fined £2 by Coy Commander Depot Coy

1921 Feb 27 Civilian shot. Later tried for shooting at a civilian with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm. He was found not guilty

1921 Aug 17 Permitted to resign - completion of service

1923 Oct 1. - Dundee Courier - death of his father

1924 Apr 4 Passes through Canada en route from Demarara in B Guiana to UK

1926 May 5. In Canada

1939 On electoral roll in Lambeth

1943 Apr 2. This is his sister , Margaret G Cooney, trying to contact him

1948 Married in Lewisham, Kent to Cora M Ramsey

1951 Jul 5. The marriage did not last. Poppy Moran had more attractions

1962 Aug 5. Died in Kent



WO 339/59362