Richard John Costigan

1896 Aug 17. Born Portsea, Hants. His parents married in Portsea in 1895 John Arthur Costigan & Lucy Sarah Townsend. His father was a seaman in Royal Navy

1901 Living at Glenthorne House, Hazlemere Rd, Portsmouth.

1911 census living at 38 Britannia Road, Southsea. I cannot find the father John Arthur

1914 Aug 8. Special enlistment as a MT Driver

1914 Aug 14. Lands in France with ASC as a Private

1917 Feb 11. Returns to UK

1917 Aug 26 Discharged to a commission in RFC

1917 Sep 1. Posted to 1 TDS at Stamford

1917 Oct 7 Posted to 19 TS at Hounslow

1917 Sept 26. The undermentioned Cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.) General List (R.F.C.) Richard John Costigan.

1917 Oct 28. Posted to 110 squadron

1918 Jan 4. Medical Board passes him permanently unfit as either pilot or observer. At this point he has 2 hours 10 mins solo on his log

1918 May 6. 2nd Lt. R. J. Costigan (late Gen. List., R.F.C. on prob.) is confirmed in rank as 2nd Lt., Grade (A.).

1918 Feb 21. He has been passed permanently unfit, and it is recommended that he becomes an MT Officer

1919 Feb 26. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.,, without pay and allowances of that rank: — R. J. Costigan.

1919 Oct 31. Transferred to unpaid list - Lt. R. J. Costigan.

1920 Oct 5. Joined ADRIC with service no 665. Posted to F Coy

1920 Dec 10 On a raid at 198 Parnell St, Dublin
Sir, I beg to state that on the night of 10 - 11 th December 1920, at about 01.00. hours I was in charge of a raiding party of F.Coy Aux. Div R.I.C. that raided the premises of 198 Parnell Street, the works of Heron and Lawless, Engineers and Cycle Mechanics. I found a .38 Webley Revolver in the passage at the back of the shop, it was hidden in a barrel, containing sand. On the ground floor in the rear of the shop T/Cadet Costigan found one .45 Webley Revolver ( loaded with bullets that had been out )  wrapped in newspaper under a bicycle saddle, lying on a bench under a heap of spare parts of bicycles. We effected an entrance to the cellar from inside the shop, and there found complete outfit for making bombs. Spare parts of bombs. Explosives, ammunitions; Lathes, and Bombs in various stages of manufacture. One loaded Revolver.45 Webley was found by me (3rd D.I. Florey ) on a bench. I was present when T/Cadet McConnell Corson found two more loaded Revolvers ( a Mauser. and a Browning ) in a drawer of another bench. Owing to the seriousness of the case I left a Guard in charge and came back to the Castle to report to the O.C.Coy B.W.P.Florey Capt.D.I.3

1921 Jan 14 to 23 Jan on Leave

1921 Jan 24 An ADRIC armoured tender being driven from Gormanstown knocked down and killed a 7 year old child Mary Hudson in Upper Dorset St.. The tender was driven by S/Leader H Towse and contained among others T/C RJ Costigan

1921 Jan 24 Promoted Section Leader. I/C Transport in F Coy. He and Towse appear to have swapped jobs as i/c Transport for F Coy. I assume it was something to do with the accident

1921 Feb 13 Called as a witness at the Inquiry into death of Kennedy & Murphy

1921 Mar 16 on Brunswick Street Raid in which T/Cadet Farrell was killed. He gives evidence at the inquest

1921 Apr 22 to 6 May on Leave

1921 May 21. Posted to Z Coy Reverts to T/Cadet at his own request.

He is in the F Coy Armoured Car photo and descrbed bt IRA as Secret Service

1921 Oct 14 Posted back to F Coy.

1922 Jan 18 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 May 25. Leaves UK for Canada . Occupation "engineer". Address is 211 Piccadilly as on MIC. He appears to have been turned back to UK.

1930 US census living in New York with wife Alice (only 20) and daughter Nancy, 2 months. His wife is US born. He says he immigrated to US in 1908.

1934 Oct 12. His 5 year old daughter was murdered in New York. Stone was sentenced to 50 years to Life for the murder

1934 Dec 21 Departs USA. His wife Alice is living in New York

1935 Jan 29. Arrives back in New York. He is a salesman

1952 Mar 3. Died ,Broward ,Florida,USA

Name: Richard J Costigan
SSN: 093095629
Birth Date: 17 Aug 1896
Birth Place: United Kingdom
Death Date: 3 Mar 1952
Claim Date: 30 Jun 1952
Type of Claim: Death Claim
Notes: 27 Aug 1976: Name listed as RICHARD J COSTIGAN