Lt Ralph Bernard Cox QSA, RASC

1876 Feb 13 Born Muttra, Bengal, India son of John and Annah Cox. His father was in 10th (Prince Of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars

1890 Feb 22. Enlisted in London age 14 in Norfolk Regt. He was a shoemaker. His service record on Ancestry . His address at that time was Military Asylum, Horse Guards.

1891 Feb 22. Transfers to 10th (Prince Of Wales's Own Royal) Hussars

1892 Jun 7. Appointed Bandsman

1897 Nov 18. Promoted Corporal

1898 Apr 4. Married Rose Ann Elizabeth McAlendon in Canterbury, Kent

1899 Aug 8. Promoted L/Sgt

1899 Nov 6. Posted to South Africa

1900 May 20. Wounded, gunshot wound to hip, at Heilbron

Wikipedia. After Bloemfontien was conquered by the British forces during the Anglo-Boer War (March 13, 1900), Heilbron was proclaimed as the capital of the independent Boer Republic of the Orange Free State. A few weeks after the fall of Bloemfontien, Heilbron was also occupied, and President Steyn moved the capital to Frankfurt, another town in the northern Free State. By May 18, 1900, the Orange Free State was defeated, annexed by Britain and renamed the "Orange River Colony". Many Boer fighters refused to surrender. The area surrounding Heilbron was rife with guerilla activity.

In order to subdue those Boers who continued to fight, the British High Command attempted to cut the guerilla army off from its source of provisions. Boer farms were razed and concentration camps, such as the one in Heilbron, were built to house the Boer women, children and non-combatant labourers who provided support to the Boer fighters. The camps were ill-planned and thousands of Boer civilians died of starvation, disease and exposure. Today the Heilbron concentration camp is used as a private school. A monument to commemorate the victims of the camps can be found in the town cemetery.

1900 Aug 22. Returns UK from South Africa

1901 census at Cavalry Barracks, Hampton Court Palace, with wife . He is a sergeant

1902 Mar 21. Returns to South Africa from UK

1902 Sep 22. Posted from Spouth Africa to India.

1902 Oct 11. Promoted Squadron Sgt Major

1910 Mar 21. Returns to UK from India

1911 census at Elsmere, Summerland Street, Barnstaple, Devon

1914 Oct 12. Appointed Acting RSM

1915 Jan 29. Appointed WOII

1916 Nov 10. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Army Service Corps. ASC. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts, (on prob.). Ralph Bernard Cox


1916 Dec 4 The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.) are confirmed in their rank: — ASC, Ralph B Cox

1921 Jan 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 1412. Posted to N Coy. Section Leader. Wife at 123 Plough Road, Clapham

1921 Jan 20 Promoted Section Leader

1921 Feb 13 Suspended

1921 Mar 26 Admitted King George V Hospital

1921 Jun In Mountjoy Prison - C H J Caudell, T Spencer, A Richardson, R B Cox, and R Mountford. These appear to be the men convicted after the Trim looting. The prison record says he was acquitted, but that he was originally held under the same order as the other men. He was the only one of this group acquitted. His wife was at 123 Plough Road, Clapham while he was in goal. He appears to have maybe been in gaol for debt rather than looting.

1921 Jun 3. Removed from Suspension without prejudice . He was found Not Guilty at Court Martial

1921 Jun 4 Posted to Q Coy

1922 Jan 14. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jul 7. Civil conviction for debt on service record - pension stopped while in jail. It later caught up on his service record


1926 Sep 2. Married

1933 Jan 24. Died Upton on Severn, Worcs, aged 57