Major Clarence Napier Curling, Sussex Regt

1868 Jan 31. Born in Hogarth House, Chiswick, Brentford, Middlesex

1868 Apr 19. Christened. His father is Henry Oakley Kelly Curling and mother Eliza. At Shermanbury, Sussex

1871 census at Mackbridge, Henfield, Sussex. With his grandparents

1881 census at Mackbridge, Henfield, Sussex. With his grandparents

1894 May 7 . Married Newark, Nottingham to Margaret Dixon

1898 Mar 9. He is Resident Justice of Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera,

1899 Jan 26 Appointment as Chief Registrar, Gold Coast: reports his arrival from the Bahamas en route to the Gold Coast and requests an advance of salary. Would like to leave for West Africa on 11 February.

1900 May 2 Leaves UK with Mrs Curling for Gold Coast

1901 Nov 16. Leaves UK for Accra with Mrs Curling

1904 Mar 26. 3rd Battalion, The Connaught Rangers; Clarence Napier Curling, Esquire, to be Captain.

1907 Jan 20. Leaves his appointment as Chief Registrar, Gold Coast

1907 Nov 11 Arrives in UK from Gold Coast

1908 May 2. Leaves UK for Accra "Capt C Napier Curling" traveling alone

1908 Jul 31. The undermentioned Officers, having assented to be transferred, are appointed Officers of the Special Reserve of Officers from the dates stated; retaining the rank and seniority which they held while in the Militia:—4th Battalion, The Connaught Rangers, from the late 3rd Battalion. Dated 31st July, 1908 : Captains: Clarence Napier Curling.

1908 Marries Muriel Frances Forbes Proserpine Montanaro (and has 3 children by her Basil in 1910, Lionel T A M in 1911 , Kenneth O H in 1913). I assume this marriage was in West Africa, as there is no record of it in UK

1909 Apr 25. Arrives in UK from Accra on SS Falaba. Travels 1st class. No sign of a Mrs Napier

1910 A son Basil John is born

Caxton Hall, Caxton, Cambridgeshire

1911 census at The Caxton Hall, Caxton, Cambridgeshire. A retired Colonial Civil Servant. He has been married for 2 years, and his wife even now is only 19

1915 Jan 7. The Royal Sussex Regiment. 8th Battalion. The undermentioned temporary Captains to be temporary Majors: C. N. Curling.

1915 Jul 4. Lands in France.

1916 Feb 3. He gets sent back from France as being unsuitable to be the senior major in a battalion. He is found a desk job in UK, but fails there too, his CO thinks he drinks too much

He gets sent back to UK and must have had a number of admin jobs through the war

1919 Jul 8. Temp. Maj. C. N. Curling, Gen. List., to be a Comdt. of Mil. Hosps.

1919 Aug 27. He is injured at Barnwell "he was not on duty at the time of the accident and was not to blame for it."

1919 Nov 23. Demobilised

1920 Jul 30 Joined ADRIC with service no 39. Posted to Depot

1921 Jan 10 Permitted to resign ADRIC

1921 Sep 1. Relinquishes his commission and retains the rank of Major

1922 Feb 7. He is with British Military Graves Commission in Furnes, Belgium. And leaves his lodgings without paying. The landlady writes to War Office. Curling had apparently acknowledged that it was his debt, but as he was unemployed, did not have any money to pay her.

1928 Apr 3. Died Shoreham, Sussex

1928 Jun 28 Probate to Eliza Curling , Widow (this is his mother, who did not die till 1933)