Lt Cyril Gordon Davies, RAF

1934 photo in MacRobertson Air Race

not a lot to go on, but he would seem to be this man. He is the only "C G Davies" I can find who was an RAF officer, and age is right

1899 Feb 3. Born Salford

1901 census . At Salford, Lancs with his parents

1911 census He is at 11 Hawkshead Street Southport with uncle and aunt

RAF Service Record

1918 Sep 14 Commissioned 2nd Lt in RAF

1921 Feb 8. Joined ADRIC with service number 1640, but did not attest and was struck off without joining.

He appears to have gone to Canada, Kenya and Australia after WW1

1929 Oct 13. Promoted Flying Officer, Pilot Officer Cyril Gordon Davies

1935 Apr 23. Married in Queensland

1941 Jun 10. Flight Lieutenants to be Squadron Leaders (temporary). Cyril Gordon Davies

1946 Leaves UK for Melbourne with his family

1977 Feb 2. Died Australia. Correct mother and father given ob death

My grandfather Cyril Gordon Davies . My mother has told me that he was a Wing Commander in the R.A.F. on retirement, but doesn`t know any of his other service details. Apparently my Grandfather rarely spoke of his wartime experiences, so details are hard to come by. All I know is that he was born in 1899, and served in WWI and WWII. That would have made him fairly old by the outbreak of WWII (40 yrs old).