Harold Dawkins, Royal Sussex

1893 May 29. Born Fareham, Hampshire

1901 census living at 14, Wickham Road, Fareham (same as on MIC)

1910 Mar 16. Enlisted in Hants Yeomanry. He was a Whitesmith

1911 census at Cams Hall Farm House, Fareham, Hampshire

1917 Jan 17. Landed in France

1918 May 29. R. Suss. R.—.The undermentioned cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. Harold Dawkins

1919 Nov 29. R. Sussex. R. Temp. 2nd Lt. H. Dawkins to be temp. Lt., with precedence next above D. G. Lamb

1920 Mar 13. R Sussex R. Mar. Lt. H. Dawkins relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Mar 18. Demobilised

1920 Aug 27 Joined ADRIC with service no 401. Posted D Coy

1921 Jan 18. Wounded at Kilroe Ambush. He rode off on a horse to get help, even though he was wounded. He later received £185 compensation for his injuries


1921 Apr 11. Promoted Section Leader in D Coy . I/C Coy Transport

1921 Apr 12. Admitted Galway Hospital

1921 Apr 22. Discharged Galway Hospital.

1921 Jun 18 to 3 Jul on Leave

1921 Apr/Jun Married in Fareham, Hants to Elizabeth J Tilbury

1921 Oct 2. Lt G H Souchon of the 17th Lancers was on his way from his Club to Earl’s Island Army Camp in Galway. On his way he met some fellow officers who gave him a lift in their car. As they drove passed the Town Hall shots were fired and Lieutenant Souchon was hit in the head, he died instantly. Dawkins was driving the car.

1922 Jan 20 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1936 Oct 14. Dangerous driving charge

1939 Nov Dangerous driving conviction

1939 Living in Fareham, Hants with Elizabeth Dawkins. He was the Relieving Officer of Births, Marriages and Death

1971 Oct/Dec Dies Gosport, Hants.