Lt Richard Dentith

Marked by IRA Intelligence as Dentith and Waddingham

1896 Dec 16 born Salford, Lancashire

1901 dentith

1901 census, living at 52 Lord Duncan St, Salford in his grandparents house.

1911 census Richard Dentith is a 14 year old warehouse office boy living with his uncle in 20 Cardigan St Pendleton Salford

Enlisted in Lancashire Fusiliers. 15th (Service) Battalion (1st Salford) Formed in Salford, 11 September 1914, by Mr Montague Barlow MP and the Salford Brigade Committee. Moved on 28 December 1914 to Conway and on 21 June 1915 to Catterick. 21 June 1915 : attached to 96th Brigade, 32nd Division. Moved on 13 August 1915 to Codford and formally adopted two weeks later by the War Office.

1915 Nov 23. Landed in France with the first group of 15th battalion men to get to France

1917 Nov 27. Commissioned as 2nd Lt in Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

1919 May 28. The undermentioned 2nd Lt. to be Lt.. 4th R. Innis. Fus. R. Dentith.

1920 Apr 1. The undermentioned relinquish their commns.: 4th R. Innis. Fus. — Lt. R. Dentith, and retains :the rank of Lt..

1920 Nov 10. Joined ADRIC. Service no 1017. Posted to F Coy. Believed by the IRA Intelligence book to be in the Cairo Gang Photo (number 1 in photo)

1920 Dec 1 Took part in raid on Edward O'Connor's house (see under T/Cadet Frecker)

1921 Jan 21. He was involved in the failed Drumcondra Ambush by the IRA An excerpt from the trial of 5 IRA men says R. Dentith, Temporary Cadet R.I.C., testified: “Two men, apart from those who went along behind the houses in Richmond Road, went across further up in the open land across some allotments. They were fired upon and one of them fell. He got up and went on again and fell again. He was wounded, and captured; he afterwards died.”

times report of wounding of ADRIC men

1921 Mar 14. Dentith was wounded on a raid in Great Brunswick St. An Auxiliary patrol of two lorries and an armoured car, which was on its way to raid St. Andrews Club, 144 Brunswick St., Dublin was attacked on Brunswick Street (now Pearse street) near the corner of Erne St. In the gun battle that followed, three IRA volunteers and two policemen were killed. A number of IRA volunteers are captured and one of them, Thomas Traynor, is hung on April 25. Dentith was in St Georges Hospital until 1 April 1921

He was awarded £150 compensation for a shoulder wound that he received on this raid

Temp Cadet Bernard J L Beard MC (age 34) and Temp. Constable James O'Farrell (age 28) (police memorial says this, but Times says T.Cadet Francis Joseph Farrell), died and 3 ADRIC men including Dentith were wounded. Thomas Traynor is the man captured in the ambush, and he was later executed.. During the fight Volunteer Leo Fitzgerald was killed. On the day following Traynor's execution, Gilbert Potter, a RIC District Inspector based in Cahir, Co. Tipperary, held as a hostage for Traynor's safe treatment was murdered in reprisal. Another IRA member, Jack Donnely, captured with Thomas was also sentenced to death but reprieved by the declaration of the truce in June 1921.

1921 Apr 4. Discharged King George V Hospital

1921 Apr 4 to Apr 22. Medical Leave

1921 May 30 Raids with F Coy

1921 Jul 12 to 26 on Leave

1921 Aug 12. Re-engaged in ADRIC

Fined £7 by the Commandant.

1921 Sep 2 to 16 Sep on Leave

Beaslai Papers Photographs of British agents, policemen and soldiers: Envelope 1: Cadets Dentith and Waddington, ‘F’ Company, Auxiliary

1921 Dec 23 to 5 Jan 1922 on Leave

1922 Jan 17 , Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC.

1939 Living with wife Annie at 5 West Drive , Cheadle and Gatley. He is a Manufacturers Agent,

1940 Mar 4. To be 2nd Lt. Lt. Richard Dentith (116005), late R. Inniskilling Fus.

1974 Died Lancashire. He had married and there were 3 children