Lt George Greig Dow, RAF

1900 Jan 15. Born Edinburgh, Scotland. His father was a "Spirit Traveller"

1901 census at 6 Willowbrae Av, Edinburgh

1915 Feb to 1917 Jul He worked at Henderson & Son in Inverness as an engineer.

1917 Oct 16 Posted to 10 TTC

1918 Jan 1. Passed "fit as observer, unfit as pilot"

1918 Jan 8. Posted to 50CW

1918 Mar 4. Posted to 20 TTC

1918 Apr 20. Cadet in RAF . His address is Bay Hotel, Findhorn Forres, near Inverness. Posted to Eastchurch. Flight Cadet.

1918 Nov 27. The undermentioned Flight Cadets are granted temp, commns. as 2nd Lts. (0.). 1534 George Greig Dow.

1919 Apr 19. Transferred to Unemployed List

1920 Jul 30. Joined ADRIC with Service No 48. Posted to A Coy

1921 Mar 12. Posted to P Coy

1921 Mar 18 "Resignation accepted" from ADRIC

1925 Jun 11. A legal dispute over his leasing the hotel. In fact at the same time he appears to have sold it to Major Ross, who changed the name to Culbin Sands Hotel, Findhorn

1939 Register Living at 20 Thingwall Avenue , Liverpool C.B., Lancashire, with wife Gwendoline. He is a District Manager

1976 May 23 Died Birkenhead. Died at Clatterbridge Hospital from Broncopneumonia and Motor Neurone Syndrome/ Home 18 Edinburgh Drive, Prenton. Correct exact DOB