2nd Lt David Duncan

After he left the ADRIC, he was one of only 12 people to be charged with murder during the entire Pogrom in Belfast. In January 1922, he had gone on trial for “shooting at Patrick McMahon and murdering James McIvor during sectarian trouble in Little Patrick St.” He was acquited of both charges and later sued the Freeman’s Journal for stating that he had also been implicated in a bomb attack on a Catholic-owned grocery shop in York St in July 1922.

1889 Aug 1 Born Belfast to RIC but 17 Sep 1888 to army. The evidence points to 1888/9 rather than 1899. He is 33 in 1923 and 22 in 1911. I cannot get the birth.

1891 Feb 19 This is a David John Duncan although the date is wrong for RIC or Army. But it turns out, this is our man

1901 census at 1 Shore Road, West Side, Duncairn Ward, Antrim

1907 Jan enlisted in R Irish Rifles

1911 census at Mayamo, Burma as a Rifleman First Battalion Royal Irish Rifles . Aged 22 and born Belfast

1914 Nov 6. Lands in France

1916 Apr 7 . The undermentioned Wt. and N.C.O.'s to be 2nd Lts. for service in the Field. R. Ir. Fus. Co. Qr.-Mr.-Serjt. David Duncan, from R. Ir. Rif.

1918 Feb 15. R. Ir. Fus.—2nd Lt. D. Duncan to take rank and precedence in his Corps and in the Army as if His appt. as 2nd Lt. bore date of 15th day of Feb. 1918.. So he has done something bad to lose 2 years seniority

1918 Jun 30. Royal Ir. Fus.—2nd Lt. D. Duncan resigns his commn.

1918 Re-enlists in Royal Fusiliers as an OR

1919 Apr Special Service appointment in Dublin

1919 Dec 17 Married in Dublin. It is surely the MIC address, but what is going on

The MIC shows #8485 is our Lt David Duncan in R Irish Fusiliers

And he has a pension card as the Royal Fus Corporal

1920 Jan Finally left British Army

Went to Enniscorthy for an ex-servicemen's job with Agriculture Dept. He was here for 11 months then joined ADRIC

1921 Jan 17. Joined ADRIC with service no 1519. Posted to N Coy

Fined 10/1 by Coy Commander

1921 Oct 2. Suspended

1921 Oct 20. Services dispensed with by Commandant

1922 Jan Muder charge

1922 Jan Another murder charge

1922 Assault charge of Seaview St

1922 Sues Freemans for libel. His address is Harrisburg St, Belfast

1923 Gets libel compensation of £150

After this he disappears from the news. But we pick him up later

1928 Jun 2 David John Duncan (welder aged 38) married an Emily Clements at Belfast RO. His father Joseph was a blacksmith.

1929 Apr 5 Ships out and arrives Canada. The ships manifest shows his wife Emily at 61 Killowen St., Belfast

1931 Canada census has a 42-year old David Duncan, born in Ireland and arrived in Canada in 1929, living in High Park, Toronto, Ontario. He was working as a welder in an iron foundry, and married to a 32-year old Emily Duncan, also born in Ireland and who arrived in Canada in 1930. His religion is given as Church of England

1937 Sep 20 His first wife died at Whitworth Terrace. The implication is that she was still married and had not divorced


1939 Died Toronto . Buried in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario,