2nd.Lt Bryan Hardcastle Emery

Bryan Hardcastle Emery, Special Service, General Headquarters, 11th London Regiment, Second Lieutenant, Temporary Captain , Theatre of War: N. Russia 1/10/18, Applied for Medals 3/8/20, Medals issued BM & VM 9/322, Address: 40 Kingsmead Road, London SW2

1899 Feb 9 Born at Streatham, London

1901 census living with parents at 81 Beckwith Rd, Herne Hill, Camberwell.

1911 census living with parents at 81 Beckwith Road Herne Hill. His father was Political Correspondent of Morning Post

He went to Dulwich College and was a member of their OTC.

1916 Dec 19. Attests and is posted to reserves

1917 Mar 27 mobilised to 9th London Regt

1918 Feb joined an Officer Cadet Battalion

1918 Jul 31. Commissioned 2nd Lt with 9th London Regt, Deepcut, Hants. The OC of the Cadet Battalion had submitted applications for Indian Army commissions, but they were rejected by War Office as the men had no combat experience

Bernard RT, Bradstreet DH, Emery BH, Farmer CSR, Service DS, Turner DS, Woolbridge JP

1918 Aug 13 At assembly camp for North Russian Expedition

1918 Oct 1 To North Russia

The Allied occupation of Archangel itself took place on 2 August 1918. In September 1918, the Allies took Obozerskaya, around 100 miles south of Archangel. But within four months the Allies’ gains had shrunk by 30 – 50 km along the Northern Dvina and Lake Onega Area as Bolshevik attacks became more sustained. Fierce fighting took place on Armistice Day 1918 – the Battle of Tulgas (Toulgas); The Kurgomin-Tulgas line the final defensive line in 1919. The Bolsheviks had an advantage in artillery in 1919 and renewed their offensive while the Vaga River was hurriedly evacuated.

1918 Oct 13. Special Appointment, CL HH. 2nd Lt. B. H. Emery, 11th. Lond. R., T.F. He was Cipher Officer, HQ Vologda Staff

1919 May 12. Special Appointment, Cl. HH. 2nd Lt B H. Emery, 11th Lond R , T F. Adjutant of Left Wing of Seletskof Detachment of North Russian EF. His CO from the Norfolk Regt recommended him for promotion saying that Emery acted as garrison adjutant from 19 May to 26 Jul 1919 and was very good at dealing with the Russian troops under their command

1919 Sep 14. Embarks at Archangel to return to UK

1919 Sep 22 Arrives UK and gets 2 months leave

1919 Oct 14 Disembodied

1919 Oct 26. He is employed by the Foreign Office for a mission to Allenstein in East Prussia. The War Office insist that he goes as a civilian, with a civilian passport

1920 Jan 31. 11th Bn., London Regt. 2nd Lt. B. H. Emery He is now in Territorial Force Reserve

1920 Oct 13. Joins the ADRIC with an ADRIC service number 699, but was apparently still a serving Army Officer. However ADRIC records say 2/Lt. Emery had been working as a private enquiry agent, before joining ADRIC. Posted to Depot.

1920 Nov 21. T/Cadet Spenle commits suicide. The two men who identified H.E. Spenle's body at the inquest, were both Temporary Cadets in "F" Company of the Auxiliary Division. Lieutenant A.C.C. Farmer was no. 852 and 2/Lieutenant B.H. Emery was no. 699. There is nothing on Emery's Roll entry to show he was ever in Z Coy, although Spenle and Farmer both were.

1921 Feb 10. Lt. B. H. Emery, from 11th Bn., Lond. R., to be Lt. This is a TA promotion as he still had a TA commission

1921 Mar 3 to 6 Mar on Leave

1921 Apr/Jun married one of Anna H V Fox, Vera Newton Brady, Hildegard E H Pochwalla, Francis Edward Pim, Elizabeth Bell

1921 Jun 3 to 17 Jun on Leave

1921 Aug 12 to 26 Aug on Leave

1921 Sep 30. The; undermentioned Offrs. relinquish. their Commissions, under A.O.166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retain their rank, Lt. B. H. Emery

1921 May 28 Posted to F Coy from Depot

1922 Jan 17 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1980 Jul 3.Died at Plymouth.