Lt John Alexander Mulloy Faraday MC, KPM

He appears to have left the army in 1919 as a Lt, not a Capt

1899 May 28. Born in California, son of Joseph H Faraday (b1862 in England and a Bank Teller who had emigrated to USA in 1890) and Sophia E A (his Irish born mother, b1868). They are living at Miller Av, Sausalito

1902 Apr 8. on SS Colombia from Valparaiso to San Francisco. It would appear that Sofia Faraday left USA in 1900 to live in Lima, Peru and was now going to join her husband in Honolulu.

Educated at Dover College, Dover, England.

1917 Nov 28. Commissioned in Irish Guards .

1918 June. Landed in France. The following officers joined during the month of June: Lieutenant C. A. J. Vernon, and 2nd Lieutenants E. B. Spafford, A. E. Hutchinson, H. R. Baldwin, G. F. Mathieson, J. A. M. Faraday, E. M. Harvey, M. C., and A. E. O’Connor, all on the 2nd June; Captain A. W. L. Paget on the 4th, and 2nd Lieutenant A. H. O’Farrell on the 10th June.

1918 Aug 22. The Battalion lay where they were the next day (August 22), but sent out a patrol under 2nd Lieutenant Faraday to work up a trench near Hamel Switch, to the north of Hamelincourt. After capturing four Germans it came under machine-gun fire from Hamelincourt. A platoon was sent to support it, but was withdrawn as the Hamelincourt attack had been postponed till the next day. Then the patrol had to retire across abominable shallow trenches, clogged with wire and lavishly machine-gunned. The Germans tried to cut them off. They withdrew, fighting. Their Lewis-gun was knocked out and five men wounded. While these were being helped back, the Lieutenant and two men, Sergeant Dolan and Private Tait, covered the retreat among the wire. Next, Faraday was wounded badly in the foot, and the sergeant and private carried him in turn, he being six feet long and not narrow, while the rest of the party threw bombs at the Germans, and tried to close with them. Eventually they all reached home safe. Dolan’s one comment on the affair was: “’Tis heavy going out yonder.” Lieutenant Faraday was awarded the M.C. and Dolan the D.C.M.

1919.May 28. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.: J. A. M. Faraday, M.C.

1919 Jan 11. MC gazetted. 2nd Lt. John Alexander Mulloy Faraday, I. Gds. (Spec. Res.), attd. 1st Bn. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led a patrol forward some 800 yards, gained touch with the enemy, and, after pushing on a little further, consolidated his position. Two platoons were sent to support him, but were later ordered to withdraw. Under heavy artillery and machine-gun fire he maintained his position for some hours, and covered the withdrawal of the platoons before withdrawing his own party in perfect order. Though the enemy tried to cut him off, and he was badly wounded, he got his party safely back to his lines, together with four prisoners. Throughout he showed fine courage and leadership under most difficult circumstances

1919 Dec 9. The undermentioned Lts. are placed on the ret. list on account of ill-health caused by wounds: — J. A. M. Faraday, M.C.

1920 Oct 20. Joined ADRIC, service no788. RIC no 79159. Section Leader G Company (Killaloe).

1920 Nov 18. Attends inquest into the death of 4 prisoners

1920 Nov 20. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Mar 3. Posted 2nd in command of O Company (Dunmanway).to 21 May when he is on probation for Permanent Cadet

1921 Jun 24. Permanent Cadet.  Inspector RIC (Kilfinane).

1922 Mar 30 Pensioned from RIC

1922 Mar 30 Joined Palestine Gendarmerie with number 19842 as a Lieutenant

1924 Transferred to Palestine Police, eventually an Assistant Superintendent.

1929 Nov 11. The Times later reported that, testifying before the Commission of Inquiry, Captain John Alexander Mulloy Faraday, assistant commissioner of police at Safed, where Arab violence towards Jews had broken out on 29 August, noted that although Safed was not “a Zionist town” and Jews had been living there for many years alongside Arabs, cries of “The faith of Mohamed has risen with the sword!” and “We want no Jews in Arab Palestine!” were among the sentiments hurled.

1930 Arrives in London on Mauritania. UK address is Cocoa Tree Club, London. He is travelling 1st class and has come from Haifa.

1933 Oct 28 Injured in Jaffa riots with A E Sigrist

The US Time reporter put it this way

Two days later the Arab mob whirled through Jaffa under the green flag of Allah. "Disperse!" commanded Deputy Police Chief Faraday and proceeded scrupulously to read the British Riot Act, a document of 48 words. "Charge!" was Mr. Faraday's next order and his mounted and foot police, using only their truncheons, tried to club into submission 8,000 gibbering, shrieking Arabs who attacked with knives and brickbats, dragged policemen from their horses which stampeded whinnying and brought a puckered frown to the brow of District Commissioner Crosbie who watched from a window overlooking the melee in Jaffa's main square. Mr. Faraday, battling in the thick of the mob, kept his policemen at their truncheon work until mobsters suddenly produced guns from beneath their robes. Ping went a bullet and a plugged policeman tumbled off his horse. Mr. Faraday then signaled to Mr. Crosbie for further instructions. Leaning out of his window Mr. Crosbie signaled back: "Police open fire!" In the savage, two-hour street battle that followed twelve Arabs were killed, 110 wounded.

1934 Feb 20. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has been informed from a reliable source of the real reason for the transfer of Police Superintendent John Alexander Mulloy Faraday from Jaffa to Beersheba, which is regarded as a demotion in the service. It appears that on the day of the riots just as Faraday was entering the police station, bruised and with his arm in a sling caused by an injury, hungry after twelve hours of constant duty, an Arab on a rooftop hurled a brick which fell within three feet of the officer, and would have caused his death had it hit him. Faraday immediately brought up his rifle and shot the man dead. Upon entering the police courtyard, Jacob Ghussein, one of the Arab youth leaders who had been arrested, cursed Faraday. Losing his temper, Faraday punched him into unconsciousness. This was alleged to be brutal treatment of a prisoner under arrest, and it led to the High Commissioner ordering his transfer to another police zone.

1934 Oct 10 From "Rape of Palestine " by Ziff. Taking his duties seriously, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Faraday ordered his men to fire. In the melee he himself was badly wounded. And as a result an irate British judge sentenced some of the rioters to imprisonment. Immediately the District Court quashed the sentences and released the prisoners on promise of good behaviour. The bewildered Faraday soon after had his post taken away from him and was exiled too Beersheba.

1936 May 31. Cited as Co-respondent in a divorce case brought by the husband Charles deLancy Wilbraham Ford, a Lt in West Yorks Regt claiming that his wife Chloe Elizabeth Frances Ford (whom he had married 4 Oct 1934 in India) had committed adultery in Tiberias Hotel in Palestine with John A Faraday on 22nd and 23 Dec 1935 and at Appinger Hotel, Haifa, Palestine on 24 and 25 Dec 1935. The marriage was dissolved

1936 Jun 12. Shots fired at his house.

1937 Feb 1.Kings Police Medal for distinguished service. John Alexander Mulloy Faraday, M.C., Deputy District Superintendent of Police, Palestine

1937 Jul/Sep married in Surrey to Chloe Elizabeth Frances Bayley

1937 Feb 15. Shots fired into his house

1937 Marries in Surrey to Chloe E F Bayley. The lady in the earlier divorce case.

1937 Jul 16 Leaves UK bound for Port Said on SS Rawlpindi. He is married, a Crown Agent, and is travelling with his wife

1939 Promoted to 2nd in command of Arab Legion with rank of Brigadier under Glubb Pasha,

Resigned from the Arab Legion on outbreak of Second World War and returned to UK to re-join the Irish Guards - but was considered too old. He went into the RAF and worked as a Provost Marshall

1940 Feb 12. The undermentioned are granted commissions for the duration of hostilities as Pilot Officers on probation on the dates stated. John Alexander Mulloy FARADAY (77701).

19th May 1940. The undermentioned Pilot Officers are granted the war substantive rank of Flying Officer: John Alexander Mulloy FARADAY (77701).

1941 Feb 12. The undermentioned Officers on probation are confirmed in their appointments: — Flight Lieutenants. John Alexander Mulloy FARADAY, M.C. (77701).

1941 Sep 1. The undermentioned to be appointed Assistant Provost Marshals, Flying. Off. J. A. M. FARADAY, M.C. (77701).

1942 Sep 1. Fit. Lts. to be Sqn. Ldrs. (tempy.) :J. A. M. FARADAY (77701).

1943 Aug 24. The undermtd. are granted the rank of Sqn. Ldr. (war subs.): —J. A. M. FARADAY (77701).

1944 Nov 3. The undermtd. are granted the rank of Wg. Cdr. (war subs.):— Sqn. Ldr. J. A. M. FARADAY, M.C. (77701).

1946 Jan 31. The undermentioned relinquish their appointments as Assistants to the Provost Marshal: Wg. Cdr. J. A. M. FARADAY (77701).

1946. Discharged from RAF

1948 Became De La Rue’s agent in Middle East and Spain, and lived in Cairo & Madrid - fluent Arabic & Spanish speaker

1955 Retired, living first in Hayling Island and later in London.

1986 Feb 27. Died Kensington, London

Palestine Police