Charles Henry Fellows, Labour Corps

1884 May 4. Born West Bromwich, Staffordshire

1891 census at 51/2, Ludgate Hill, Birmingham

1901 census at 49, Hospital Street, Birmingham

1901 Aug 12. Attests to 3rd South Staffs Militia. He had been working as a labourer at a Bottling Works

1901 Nov 2. Attested to Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Born Birmingham, aged 17 years 5 months, then serving in 3rd South Staffs, mother was Mary Ann Fellows, brother brothers Alfred and Frederick, at 15 Summer Lane, Birmingham

1902 Jan 10 Posted to 5th RWF

1904 Feb 5. Posted to India

1904 Apr 5. Appointed L/Cpl

1906 Aug 24. Reverted to Pte

1907 Dec 15. Posted to Burma

1909 Nov 17 Posted back to UK

1910 Mar 26 Transferred to Army Reserve

1910 Oct 19. Married In to Eva Maud Mary Bennett in Solihull, Warks. (On Army record)

1911 census at 17 Victoria Road, Portland, Dorset

1913 Nov 1. Discharged from Reserves at end of engagement

Served in India 1914-1918

1918 Aug 13. Commissioned

1921 Feb 16. Joined ADRIC with service no . Posted to M Coy.

1921 Jul 9. Posted to Depot

1922 Feb 1. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Jan 11. Labour Corps. Relinquishes his commission. Temp. 2nd Lts., and retain the rank of 2nd Lt. : — C. H. Fellows.

1922 Aug 11. Miscellaneous.—2nd Lt. C. H. Fellows, late Lab. Corps, to be 2nd Lt., 30th Jan. 1923, with seniority 11th Aug. 1922.

He had children by Nellie Marriott after 1922, but I can find no record of their being married. He appears to have abandoned his first wife

Sadly he did not return to his family, he stayed in Liverpool. Boarding with a Mrs Marriott & her family, this is where obviously he met Nellie Marriott and they had Doreen B M Fellows 1925. He had a shop in Bebington, on Bebington Road 52-54 selling second hand furniture this is where he lived above the shop until his death in 1944 at Clatterbridge. Mrs Mercer was the name as witness on his death cert. (After applying for his army records then his will I suddenly found this second family in Wirral & Liverpool.) With the will I had the name of his 3 children but he did not list the mothers. I found Doreen quite easily and got her birth cert. As Margaret Mercer was shown as a spinster on his will I assumed (LOL) that Margaret was a helper of sorts. Her address at his time of death was given as his address too.

Marriott was his 2nd wife, Nellie born in Pilsley, Derbyshire. Dau. Doreen Beatrice Marriott Fellows c1925 b Bebington.

Two other children born to Charles (mother unknown)
Audrey & Edward Charles Fellows. Dates unknown but similar to those above, possibly same area too.

1934 May 4. The undermentioned having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.:— 2nd Lt. C. H. Fellows.

1944 Jul/ 7. Died Wirral, Cheshire aged 60. Margaret Mercer his carer at time of his death in 1944 at Clatterbridge Hospital Bebington Wirral.