Major James Carey Fillery RFA, QSA

1881 Jul 5. Born Cranbrook, Kent

1891 census at The Moor, Hawkhurst, Kent

1898 Nov 25 Attested to ASC. He signed up for 3 years in the Colours and a further 6 in Reserves. He was a Clerk

1899 Nov 21 Posted to South Africa

1900 Nov 23. Promoted Corporal

1900 Married Hilda Yollinson

1902 Oct 11 Returns to UK

He must have returned to South Africa under his own steam

1914 Aug 28. Entered war in SW Africa on MIC

1915 Oct 28. James Carey Fillery who was gazetted a Captain with the Defence Forces of the Union of South Africa 

1915 Oct 8. Booked 1st class on ship from Cape Town to UK a "soldier" living in South Africa. But name is crossed out, so presumably he did not take this boat

1915 Oct 28. The undermentioned Lieutenants to be temporary Captains: — Captain James Carey Fillery, Defence Forces of the Union of South Africa.

1919 Jan 10. RFA. Temp. Capt. J. C. Fillery to be actg. Maj. whilst specially empld.

1920 Jun 6. RFA . Temp. Capt. J. C. Fillery (Capt. S. Afr. Def. Forces) relinquishes the actg. rank of Maj.

1920 Jun 6. Temp. Capt. J. C. Fillery (Capt., S. Afr. Def. Faroes) relinquishes this temp, commn. on completion of service, and is granted the rank of Maj.

1920 Aug 13. Joins ADRIC with service no 213. Posted to F Coy

1920 Oct 30. Promoted 2nd in Command F Coy

1920 Nov 10 Posted to J Coy. Commander of J Coy from 19 Nov 1920

1921 Nov 21. Involved in Croke Park shootings . Major Mills , who was in command, was back in the thirteenth car. In his report, he wrote that "as no shots were coming from the football field and all the RIC constables seemed excited and out of hand, I rushed along and stopped the firing with the assistance of Major Fillery who was in the car with me. There was still firing going on in the football ground."

1921 Feb 10. Posted to Depot

1921 Feb 23 Posted to M Coy, reduced in rank to Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 16. Posted to R Coy

1921 Jun 4 Posted to S Coy

1921 Jun 25 Posted to L Coy as 2nd in Command

1921 Jul 21 to 11 Aug on Leave

1921 Aug 13 Posted to G Coy as 2nd in Command

1921 Sep 23. He gave evidence in a court case at Clare court against an ADRIC T/Constable, Samuel Dunne, who was up on a charge of stealing money. . Fillery confirmed he had been 2 i/c of G Coy since 13 Aug

1921 Nov 13 Suspended

1921 Nov 26. Wounded at Corofin Claimed £2000 but only awarded £50

1922 Jan 27. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Nov 7. R.H. & R.F.A Res of Officers. J. C. Fillery, late R.F.A., to be Maj., 7th Nov. 1922, with seniority 12th June 1921.

1926 Nov 5. Leaves UK for New Zealand, intending to live there. He is a "farmer" and travels 3rd class. (correct UK address)  

1927 Living at 30 Grange Rd, Eden, New Zealand, no occupation. Alone

1929 Nov 29 Married Joy Winifred Stronge at St David's Church, Kyber Pass, Auckland.New Zealand. During his time in Ireland he courted Joy Winifred Stronge (daughter of Sir James Stronge 5th Bt of Tynan Abby, County Armagh). Miss Stronge was 20 years his younger having been born 26 April 1901. The union produced two daughters, Margaret Zoe (1932-1988) and Rose-Ann Marie (1935-). Mrs Fillery published a book in 1960 entitled 'Old Fashioned Roses of New Zealand'.

The fifth and youngest daughter of Sir James Stronge, Joy Winifred Stronge, was born in 1901 and effectively ran the Stronge estate at Tynan, Co Armagh, for ten years before her emigration to New Zealand in 1929 to marry James C Fillery. His first wife had wife contracted cerebral malaria and suffered severe brain damage.They had two daughters - Pip, who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand, and Margaret, who died circa 1991. Joy died in New Zealand in 1971. Pip Fillery's daughter Kate married James Kingan, Sir Norman Stronge's grandson, and is the present owner of Tynan Abbey.

1931 Jul 5. Maj. J. C. Fillery having attained the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Off.

1933 Dec 26. Daughter Doris Eileen marries in Sydney. Must be by his first marriage

1935 living at Peace Haven, Clevedon, NZ with his wife Joy Winifred Fillery. He has "no occupation"

1938 Te Pahu, Raglan, New Zealand with his wife Joy Winifred Fillery. He is a farmer

1941 Aug 1 Appoined Major in Raglan Btn of NZ Home Guard

1949 Living at Te Pahu, Raglan, New Zealand with his wife Joy Winifred Fillery. He is a farmer

1951 Major Fillery was appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1951.

1954 Living at Te Pahu, Raglan, New Zealand with his wife Joy Winifred Fillery.

1955 Sep 21. Died aged 74 and is buried in the Hamilton East Cemetery. Mrs Joy Fillery died in Hamilton aged 70 years on 21 January 1972.