Sidney Albert Fitch, Duke of Wellingtons

1896. Sep 7. Born Sydney Albert Fitch (sic) in Middlesex

1901 census at Enfield, Middlesex

1911 Census at 18 Hawthorn Grove, Enfield

1916 Nov 20. His father applies to get him excused military service .

Case Number: M2227. Sidney Albert Fitch of 18 Hawthorne Grove, Enfield. Occupation: Manager, Office Department. Grounds of Appeal: D: On the ground that serious hardship would ensure if the man were called up for Army service, owing to his exceptional financial or business obligations or domestic position. He at first got exemption, but the army won on appeal,, and he had to join the army

1917 Sep 25 Gazetted 2nd Lt . D of W Regt. Sidney Albert Fitch

1917 Nov 5. Landed in France

1918 Apr/Jun Married at Bromley, Kent to CLARKE, Phyllis M

1921 Feb 16 Joined ADRIC with service no 1681. Posted to J Coy

This would seem to be him, having his revolver stolen

Forfeits 3 days pay

1921 Dec 12. 6th Bn., D.W.R.— Relinquishes his commission. - Lt S A Fitch

1922 Jan 23. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1924 Bankrupt. FITCH, James, FITCH; Sidney Albert, FITCH, James Deal, described in the Receiving Order as FITCH & SONS, a partnership firm, of 308, Baker-street, Enfield, in the county of Middlesex. Court-EDMONTON. No. of Matter—1 of 1921. Trustees' Names, Addresses and Descriptions— Salaman, Frederick Seymour, 1-2, Bucklersbury, London, E.C. 4, Chartered Accountant; Fletcher, Robert Combe, 2-3, Duke-street, St. James', London, S.W. 1, Chartered Accountant. Date of Release—Nov. 20, 1928.

1939 Register. He is a builder living with wife Phyllis at 207 Old Quarry Broughton Road , Banbury M.B., Oxfordshire

1940 Mar 16. RASC. To be 2nd Lt. Lt. Sidney Albert FITCH (114520), late D.W.R.

1948 Jun 16. Died Barnet, Middlesex. Age 51