Harold Edward Fitzgerald

1896 Born Lismore, Waterford, Ireland

1901 census in North Mall , Lismore Town, Waterford

1915 Mar 2. Landed in France

1915 Nov 1. Commissioned.

He was at some point seconded to 1st Judean Battalion. The Jewish Legion was made up of particular battalions of the Royal Fusiliers, and was disbanded after World War I, in 1919, but succeeded by another all-Jewish Eretz-Israel formation called the "First Judean Battalion". It existed from 1919 to 1921 and included former Legion members. Lt Col J H Patterson's book 'With the Judeans in the Palestine Campaign': his battalion, the 38th RF, became the 1st Judeans and they were retained in Palestine post-war as part of the garrison. Then they absorbed the other two Jewish battalions, the 38th and 40th RF in about December 1919. From the very beginning the 38th were never exclusively a Jewish battalion. Although the majority were Jews, there were nevertheless “Christian officers, NCO's and one or two men”. The "First Judea" was dissolved by the British Army in May 1921.

1920 May 8. Ches. R. Temp. Lt. H. E. Fitzgerald relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt.

DI3 in RIC as permanent rank.

1922 Joined Palestine Gendarmerie apparently. Appears in a photo of Palestine Gendarmerie officers (Revolution p200). He is named there as being in ADRIC, but I cannot find him in ADRIC. He certainly was in RIC

1940 Jun 18. Harold Edward Fitzgerald (82785) ACF Section to be 2nd Lt.