Capt Charles Barron Fitzhardy, Essex Regt

Born in 1857 the family seems to have adopted the name "Fitzhardy" before about 1880. He appears to have lied about his age to get into the ADRIC being 63 and not 47 when he joined ADRIC

1857 Sep 9. born Lambeth . (born 1868 from 1911 census and born 1873 born according to RIC record ) son of James Hardy and Lydia Mary Cooke. For some reason James Hardy was going under the name of "Domingo Fitzhardy" by his daughters marriage in 1881.

1861 census at 8, Park Road, Clapham

1871 census at Clapham Park Road, Clapham

1881 census living with his sister at High Street, Acton

1881 His sister marries, which gives the clues to fit the story together

1887 Oct/Dec Married in Strood, Kent to Jane Elizabeth Jones. They had 3 children

1891 census at 8, Red Post Lane, East Ham

1896 Dec 2. 22nd Middlesex. Charles Baron Fitzhardy, Gent., to be Second Lieutenant (Supernumerary).

1899 Apr/Jun. Married Bromley Kent to Jesse Marrian Read/Reed (he was given as a "widower")

1899 May 10. 22nd Middlesex, The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants :— C. B. Fitzhardy.

1900 Jan 20. Son Leonard Baron Fitzhardy born.

1901 census at 48, Sixth Avenue, East Ham. He is a "mercantile clerk"

1901 Jun 5. 22nd Middlesex, The undermentioned Lieutenants to be Captains :— C B Fitzhardy

1904 Apr 4. 22nd Middlesex, Captain C. B. Fitzhardy to be Instructor of Musketry. Captain C. B. Fitzhardy is seconded whilst holding the appointment of Instructor of Musketry.

1907 Mar 9. 22nd Middlesex (Central London Rangers) Volunteer Rifle Corps; Supernumerary Captain C. R. Fitzhardy, Instructor of Musketry, resigns his commission.

1911 census. A visitor at "Honover Square 65 Church Street ". Gives his age as 43 (that implies a birth of 1868). He is a "business transfer agent". He has been married 11 years and has 1 child

1914 Oct 21. 7th Battalion, The South Wales Borderers, Charles B. Fitzhardy to be temporary Captain.

1915 Jul 7. 4th Battalion, The Essex Regiment. Charles Baron Fitzhardy (late Captain, 7th (Service) Battalion, The South Wales Borderers) to be Second Lieutenant.

1915 Jul 7. Essex Regt. 2nd Lt. (temp. Capt.) C. B. Fitzhardy to be Capt., with precedence as from 7th July 1915

1915 Oct 6. Captain C. B. Fitzhardy, 4th Battalion Essex Regiment entered the Dardanelles theatre of war on 6 October 1915.

1918 Aug 23. Transferred to the TERRITORIAL FORCE RESERVE. Capt. C. B. Fitzhardy, from Essex Regt., to be Capt.

1921 Jul 23. The undermentioned offrs., having attained the age .limit, are retired, and retain their rank-: — Capt C B Fitzhardy

1921 Jan 5. Joined ADRIC with service no 1439. Posted to N Coy

1921 Mar 12. Posted to Depot

1921 Nov 12. Posted to N Coy

1922 Jan 14. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1928 Apr 13. Died




WO 372/7/79561