Capt Bertram William Pearce Florey, South Staffs Regt

1885 Feb 13. Born Banbury Oxfordshire

1891 census at Chipping Warden, Chipping Warden, Banbury

1901 census at Chipping Warden (Northampton), Chipping Warden

1911 census He is a "butcher's salesman" boarding at 51 Ashburnham Road, Bedford

1914 Dec 7. The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Bertram William Pearce Florey.

1915 Jan 13 Married in Grantham, Lincs to Elsie Margurite Finch

1915 Aug 9. War Diary of 7th South Staffs "AUGUST 9th. Relieved at 3 am by a Bn of the 10th Div and moved to place of assembly by 4 am NW of CHOCOLATE HILL - the objective was point 112 to ANAFARTA village about 1,500 yards. Troops originally ordered for attack were 6th BORDER on right, 7th S STAFFS in centre (Whose right was to direct) and 6th LINCOLNS on the left. In reserve 2 Bns of 10th Div. The advance started about 5 am in Artillery formation and there was much overlapping of the centre by the left [6th LINCOLNS]. On reaching Hill 70 which has been named in operation orders as the point of deployment the whole line came suddenly under a very heavy fire. Another Bn, detailed to cooperate with and cover the left flank of the attack and which had been engaged all through the night began to give ground and uncovered our left flank round which the Turks commenced working. Then the very thick thorn scrub caught fire and in spite of further reinforcements from 53rd Div just landed the whole line was forced back to the line (roughly Hill 50). The casualties this day were:- Officer killed Lt Col A H DAUKES, Capt H C MARTIN, Capt Hon G LEGGE, Capt L G TOWNSEND, Lt A J B SHAW-HELLIER, Lt JA MOORE, 2Lt C AUNLIN, Lt W C ISLES, Capt & Adjt C M MORRIS (total 9), Officers wounded: Maj G A YOOL, Lt E C CHRISTIAN, 2lts RA SQUIRES,  B W P FLOREY, E A SMALL, A C N SPICER, N L ANDERSON   Other Ranks 44 killed, 206 wounded, 79 missing."

1916 Aug 30. S. Staff. R.—Temp. 2nd Lt. B. W. P. Florey, Serv. Bn., to be temp. Lt.

1917 Dec 6. S. Staff. R. Temp. Lt. B. W. P. Florey to be actg. Capt. while comdg. a Co.

1918 Jan 21. S. Staff. R. .The undermentioned temp. Lts to be temp. Capts.: B. W.P. Florey (actg. Capt.).

1920 Aug 29 Joined ADRIC with service no 488 Posted to F Company

1920 Oct 30 Promoted Platoon Commander (3rd DI)

1920 Nov 8. Writes a raid report

1920 Dec 11. Led a raid on 198 Parnell Street. Sir, I beg to state that on the night of 10 - 11 th December 1920, at about 01.00. hours I was in charge of a raiding party of F.Coy Aux. Div R.I.C. that raided the premises of 198 Parnell Street, the works of Heron and Lawless, Engineers and Cycle Mechanics. I found a .38 Webley Revolver in the passage at the back of the shop, it was hidden in a barrel, containing sand. On the ground floor in the rear of the shop T/Cadet Costigan found one .45 Webley Revolver ( loaded with bullets that had been out )  wrapped in newspaper under a bicycle saddle, lying on a bench under a heap of spare parts of bicycles. We effected an entrance to the cellar from inside the shop, and there found complete outfit for making bombs. Spare parts of bombs. Explosives, ammunitions; Lathes, and Bombs in various stages of manufacture. One loaded Revolver.45 Webley was found by me (3rd D.I. Florey ) on a bench. I was present when T/Cadet McConnell Corson found two more loaded Revolvers ( a Mauser. and a Browning ) in a drawer of another bench. Owing to the seriousness of the case I left a Guard in charge and came back to the Castle to report to the O.C.Coy. B.W.P.Florey Capt.D.I.3

Report of a raid on 198. Parnell St11 - 12 - 20 I have to report

1921 Feb 13 Called as a witness at the Inquiry into death of Kennedy & Murphy

1921 Mar (circa) WS 844. We were brought to the Castle and were interrogated there by a Captain Hardy The Auxiliary officer who took us into custody was a Captain Fleury( sic) . He seemed to be very familiar with the appointments of I.R.A. officers in the 4th Battalion. To mention one he said "Your brother is Quartermaster of Company". I should mention that information had been given, away about 'A' Company previously and a. number of arrests followed. I suppose it was as a result. of that information that Fleury was familiar with the position my brother held in 'A' Company ....Following my release I became very friendly with the Auxiliary officer Captain Fleury and, from time to time I had several drinks with. him in Butler's in. Trinity Street. I should. mention that Butler's was more or less a rendezvous for members of the Auxiliary Force. They assembled there for their drinks. I do not think I got any information, of. importance from Fleury. I think, the main. purpose in my being encouraged to meet him was to try and get to know the Auxiliaries who frequented that public house. Members of G.H.Q. Intelligence: also frequented that. public house observing the movements of the Auxiliary Forces

1921 Apr 25 to 1 May on Leave

1921 May 11. Posted to R Coy. Reverts to T/Cadet.

1921 Jun 17 Permitted to resign on disciplinary grounds

1923 Aug 29. Leaves UK for Canada with the intention of settling in Canada as a farmer. His UK address was 27 Hugo Rd, Tufnell Park, a J Martin from there paid his fare.

1926 Jun 16 Arrives UK where his address is 59 Chaucer Rd, Bedford (as on MIC). He is a "Traveller" His last country of permanent residence is USA. And he is travelling alone

1930 He and his wife are living at 34 Valley Drive, Hendon

1939 Living Wembley with Elsie M Florey at 34 Valley Drive , Wembley M.B., Middlesex. He is a Progress Chaser Aircraft Instrument Makers

1970 Oct/Dec Died Brent Middlesex