Ian MacGregor Frame, MC, Gordon Highlanders

1892 Dec 30. . Born Kingston. Surrey

1901 census at Lancaster Av, Wimbledon, Surrey

1911 census at 2 Old Courts Mansions Kensington W London

1912 Jan 3 leaves UK for Granada

1912 to 1914 resident in Tobago

1912 leaves UK for

1914 Sep 24 Arrives UK from Tobago. He is a Planter

1914 Oct 13. The undermentioned cadets and ex-cadets of the Officers Training Corps, to be Second Lieutenants (on probation) Ian Macgregor Frame, 3rd Battalion,. Gordon Highlanders

1915 Apr 1 Promoted Lt

1916 married in Rouen to Katharine F Krug Senseman (1893–1969)

1917 Aug 15. The undermentioned to be temp. Capts. ((without the pay or allowances of that rank): — Lt. I. M. Frame, Gord. Highrs., Spec. Res.

1918 Dec 2. MC Gazetted

1919 Apr 27. 5th Bn., Gordon Highrs.—Capt. I. M. Frame, M.C., 3rd Bn., to be Adjt.

1919 Oct 18. 5th Bn., Gordon Highrs.—Capt. I. M. Frame, M.C., 3rd Bn., vacates the appt. of Adjt.

1920 Feb 26 Demobbed

1920 May 18. Relinquishes his commission. 3rd Gord. Highrs. — Capt. I. M. Frame, M.C., and retains the rank of Capt.

1921 Jul 6. Joined ADRIC with service no 2096. Posted to M Coy

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 20 Joined British Gendarmerie section of Palestine Police with rank of Head Constable

1922 Apr 13 His wife Katherine , who is an American citizan , gets a US passport. She is living in Philadelphia with their child Murial who was born 20/7/1917 in Aberdeen. She refers to a previous husband.

1929 Convicted of theft and attempted suicide while awaiting trial

1929 Jul 25. Capt. I. M. Frame, M.C., late Gordons (Spec. Res.), is deprived of the rank of Capt.

1933 Sep 3. Arrives in New York with wife Rosina

1940 US census has his ex-wife Katharine living in Swarthmore Delaware, with her daughter Murial

1943 Jul/Sep Married in Surrey to Mabel A Bellman/Yeldham

1948 Apr 15. Leaves UK for New York with wife Mabel. He is a "merchant" and intends living in USA

1954 Nov 11 became a Naturalised American

1955 Living in Bridgewater, New Jersey

1957 Dec 19. Arrives in UK from USA with wife Mabel. Gives an address in Surrey. He has US Passport. He is retired,

1959 Apr 13. Arrives in UK from USA with his wife.

1974 Oct/Dec Died Surrey


WO 339/17297