Raymond Danson Fraser, R. Newfoundland

1898 Jun 22. Born St Johns, Newfoundland. Son of William Fraser and Celia Crossman

1912 Sep - Jun 1916, Colston's School, Stapelton, Bristol, England.

1916 Aug 24. Bristol University O.T.C. as a "Cadet" enlisted in Royal Newfoundland Regiment Unit .

1916 Sep 23. Arrives Canada from UK to take up his commission

1917 Sep 25. Promoted to 2nd. Lieutenant

1918 Oct/Dec Marriage to Nancy Milman of Raymond D Fraser in Winchester

1919 Jun 16 Placed on the reserve of officers (Newfoundland) Lt R D Fraser

1920 Jun 24. Nancy Fraser, aged 20, of 77 Hyde St, Winchester arrives in UK from St Johns Newfoundland with a 2 month old child John William Raymond Fraser. (the child was born 5 Apr 1920 and died Jul 1999 in Surrey, England)

1920 Aug 11. Arrives in UK from Newfoundland. His occupation is "nil" his UK address is 77 Hyde St, Winchester, Hants, and Canadian at 101 Gower St, St Johns , Newfoundland. Travels 1st Class.

1920 Sep 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 526. Posted to E Coy

1921 Apr 22 to 5 May on Leave

1921 Jun 1. Appointed A/CQM

1921 Jul 15 to 28 Jul on Leave

1921 Dec 30 Relinquishes his commission in Territorial Army

1922 Jan 27. Discharged on demobilisation of ADTIC

1927 Sep 15. Obtains Seaman's card as a Waiter

1935 Jul 1. Capt. L. T. Stick, an officer in The Newfoundland Regiment during World War I, was appointed Chief Ranger, with the rank of Major. Another World War I officer, Lieut. R. D. Fraser, was appointed Inspector, with the rank of Lieutenant. Sergt. Major F. A. Anderton of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was appointed as Training Officer. The first offices or Headquarters were located in the basement of the Colonial Building on Military Road. To give you some idea of the rapidity with which the Newfoundland Rangers became an active reality, I have only to say that the first recruit was taken on strength on July 9 and that before the end of July, a full authorized complement of thirty men had been sworn in. The first recruit, by the way, was Mr. Brian White, who died about two weeks ago in Ontario and was buried here in St. John's; Brian, whom you may have known through his service as a Magistrate and his involvement in politics. The recruits were housed under canvas at Whitbourne, where the Headquarters and Barracks were to be located. Training was commenced immediately and was both extensive and intensive.

1939 Jun. Major Anderton resigned as Chief Ranger and was succeeded in August 1939 by Sergt. Major E. W. Greenley, who took his retirement from the R.C.M.P. in order to accept appointment to the position of Chief Ranger. He resigned in March 1940, at which time Inspector R. D. Fraser was appointed Acting Chief Ranger. Inspector Fraser continued in that capacity until July 4, 1942, when he was appointed Chief Ranger, with the rank of Major. At the same time, Number 10, Staff Sergt. E. L. Martin, was commissioned with the rank of Lieutenant and appointed Inspector; Sergt. W. G. Rockwood, No. 36, was appointed Temporary Inspector and appointed to the post of Government Agent in the Northern Labrador Administration, which had been set up to administer the trading posts operated by the Hudson's Bay Company and to look after the needs of the Indians and Eskimos in Northern Labrador. Early in 1942, the Headquarters Offices and Barracks were moved from Whitbourne to Kilbride. This was because the functions of the Force were becoming increasingly important to Government and closer contact was desirable.

1942 - 1943, On loan to the US Government in Washington, DC as a handwriting specialist..

1943 Sep 4. Marriage to Mary Therese Baxter:, Jeanne Mance St., Montreal, PQ, Canada. 1 daughter from marriage.

1943 Sep 25 Flys from Canada to New York on Government Service

1944 Jan. Major R. D. Fraser resigned his position as Chief Ranger and Inspector E. L. Martin was appointed Acting Chief, having progressed up from the enlisted ranks. Martin was later made Chief Ranger and continued in that position until the Force was disbanded in 1950.

1956 - 1961, Worked for Canadian Gov't in Internal Affairs Dept. on Pakistani Dam project..

1961 May 18. Died St Johns Newfoundland Of a massive brain hemmorage.