Francis/Frank Edward Gibson MBE, RFA


Transcribed as F R G Gibson in Numeric Register, with FE apparently added above the line. FPG Gibson in Alphabetic Register, with a faint alteration to make it "FEG". .The Leave Book has him as "F E Gibson with "age 40". There is a Francis Edward Gibson MBE, but he is the wrong age (born 1897)

1880 Nov 18. Born India (RIC, as Frank Edward but only year given) seems the best fit to RIC register. The only thing against it is he does not have an MBE that I can find. He did have a MID, which may have been confused on ADRIC registers

1903 Jul 23. Married in Quetta, Bengal, India to Edith Lilian Nash

1911 census. He and his (new) wife are boarders at a house in Liverpool. He is a soldier

1914 Feb enlisted in RFA

1915 Nov 24 Landed in France

1916 Aug 6 Commissioned 2nd Lt in RHA as Frank Edward Gibson

1918 Feb 6 Promoted Lt

1921 Jan 19. Joined ADRIC with service no. 1571 .Posted to N Coy

1921 Apr 9. Posted to Q Coy

1921 Jun 30 to 17 Jul on Medical Leave

1921 Dec 10. Struck off Deserter. The final entries are indecisive. He was suspended on 9 Dec, and "Services dispensed with " has been crossed out, just leaving "Absentee" on 10 Dec

1939 Register A patient in Runwell Hospital near Wickford, Essex. He is a Traveller For Exforeso Paper. Runwell was seen as being pioneering development in mental hospital compared to its contemporaries. The hospital opened in June 1937.

1958 Died Brentwood , Essex aged 77