Charles William Gilbert RFA

1872 Jan 18.Born Hammersmith, London. The RIC Roll says 1872, and this chap is born 1872 and an Engineer Apprentice in 1891 census

1881 census at 136 & 134 King St West,The Windsor Castle, Hammersmith

1891 census at Hampton Rd, Twickenham

I cannot find him in 1901 nor 1911 censuses. I assume he was at sea at this time.

Mine clearance, Jutland, Special Kings Badge on ADRIC Roll. I cannot prove or disprove that he had been awarded the King's Badge

The best recruit to finish training is awarded the Kings Badge, King George V directed that his Royal Cipher, surrounded by a Laurel Wreath, would be known as the King's Badge, and would be awarded to the best all round recruit in the King's Squad, provided that he was worthy of the honour. The badge was to be carried on the left shoulder, and worn in every rank. The King's Badge is not awarded to every squad, and is only presented if a Recruit measures up to the very exacting standards required

1915 May 15 Enlisted as PO - Mech Eng

1916 Mar 29. Selected for officer training

ADM 171/92, Roll of Naval War Medals. R.N.R. Gilbert, Chas. W.   Eng.S.Lt.   Victory and British War Medals.

1916 Oct 6. R.N.R. To be tempy. Eng. Sub-Lieut.- Charles W. Gilbert.

1917 Aug. Navy List . Royal Naval Reserve. Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants (A.) Charles William Gilbert, 6 Oct 16 (Seniority), Where Serving: Campania

1919 Jan . Navy List. Royal Naval Reserve Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants (A). Charles William Gilbert, 6 Oct 16, Where Serving is blank.

1919 Jun 7. R.N.R. Tempy. Engr. Sub-Lieut. to be tempy. Engr. Lieut.- Charles W. Gilbert, 7th June 1919.

1919 Apr. Charles William Gilbert, Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieut., serving on Sunhill. RNR section of Navy List for April 1919, p. 1510.

1919 Oct 9. Mr C W Gilbert RFA appointed as Chief Engineer Officer of RFA Isla

1920 Aug 27. Joined ADRIC with service no 335. Posted to D Coy

1921 Jul 16 to 30 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 20. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1931 Jul/Sep Died Brentford, Middlesex aged 59