Frank Renton Gollop RAF


1893 Jun 21. Born Lancs (He was born Frank Renton Wyrill in Salford.) His father was Frank Billam Wyrill a draftsman, who died 1900 and his mother remarried in 1901 to Christopher Gollop

1911 census at Wood View Greenleach Lane Worsley

1915 Jan. Enlisted as a Trooper in the 2/Welsh Horse, having earlier completed five years in the 8th Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers (T.F.).

1915 Nov 22. Discharged from Welsh Horse to a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 5th Battalion, Manchester Regiment, shortly after having been confined to barracks for a week after making an ‘improper reply to an N.C.O.’, The Manchester Regiment. Frank Reuton Gollop to be Second Lieutenant and seconded for duty with a Provisional Battalion.

1916 Oct . Gollop transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as a student pilot. Having gained his “Wings” at Reading and attended two home-based training squadrons, he was embarked for active service out in France with No. 40 Squadron, in which unit he flew regularly until returning home in March 1918 - among fellow pilots was Captain “Mick” Mannock, who destroyed six enemy aircraft while on No. 40’s strength. Gollop, too, experienced several combats, as evidenced by squadron records and combat reports of the period, the first of them on 16 September 1917, in a scrap east of La Bassee at 7,000 feet. A few days later he was in another fight south of Armentieres, and on the 25th he engaged an enemy ‘2-seater with white crosses’:

‘Observed 2-seater enemy aircraft N.E. of Lens, flying northwards at about 1,000 feet below Nieuport. Dived on enemy aircraft and got under its tail engaging it at a range of about 200 yards and firing about 50 rounds. Observer of enemy aircraft replied immediately and enemy aircraft turned off eastwards, the hostile Observer meanwhile firing continuously until out of range. Pilot of the Nieuport is unable to say definitely whether he hit the enemy aircraft or not.’

1917 Jul 9. RAF. 2nd Lt. F. R. Gollop, Manch. R., T.F., and to be seed.

1917 Dec 22. , Gollop engaged another enemy 2-seater over Gavrelle, the latter being seen to go down in a spin but whether out of control or not he was unable to say. He also fired 100 rounds at an enemy trench to the east of Lens on the same day.

1918 Jan 1. found him attending “Mick” Mannock’s farewell party, at which he signed the departing ace’s menu, and three days later he was back in combat east of Lens, when he fired another 50 rounds into an enemy aircraft, in addition to strafing an enemy trench, a repeat of the latter exercise being carried on enemy positions on the 13th. T

1918 Feb 3. He fought another indecisive combat with an enemy scout, one of eight to engage No. 40’s patrol. In between all of this activity, he had also emerged unscathed from two “prangs”, one of which resulted in his aircraft being written-off.

1918 Mar. Posted back to UK, Gollop next joined the Experimental Station at Orfordness, where, among other duties, he carried out hazardous flights testing wind-driven gyros.

 1919 Mar 6. Demobilised with rank of Lt

1920 Sep 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 535. Posted to D Coy

1921 Jul 12. Posted to Q Coy. i/c Transport Section Leader.

1921 Aug 13 to 10 Sep on Leave

1921 Nov 17 Suspended for 2 days

1921 Dec 31. Posted to Depot Coy. Reverts to T/Cadet. Somewhat late in the day, so I assume was a discipline offence

1922 Jan 13. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1923 Aug 9. Leaves UK for Canada

1925 Jun 29. Frank Renton Wyrill marries in Manchester to Phoebe H Greaves. Note mistake in his signature

1934 Apr 7 Fined at Romford Essex. "Antoinette Reuton-Gollop, Warriner Avenue, Hornchurch, was summoned for driving a motor car without a reflecting mirror; and Frank Reuton-Gollop for aiding and abetting.—Fines totaling £5 were imposed.

1939 Living in 238 St Peters Rise , Bristol C.B., Gloucestershire, He is an Aircraft Inspector & single

1940 Jan/Mar Died Gloucs aged 46.

2006 His Victory medal (only the one medal sold) sold for £110


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