William Robert (Henry) Green

I have the right pre war details, but am unsure about his war service. This man with MIC was commissioned Nov 1914 in RAOC as a Lt, and I doubt that a RN Petty Officer would have got that rapid Promotion. However the 1939 Register man is a Retired Major with just about the right DOB. So it is pointing to the same man

1879 Dec 16 Born Surrey (RIC). His full name was certainly William Robert Henry Green

1881 census at Reigate

1891 census at Horley

1900 Sep 14 Joins Royal Navy (exact dob) as a Writer, reaching First Writer, a Petty Officer grading

1911 census at El Nido, Old Road, Minster, Sheppey

1912 Apr 25 Discharged from RN

I am unsure of his war service. There is no man of his name on Navy List

1921 Feb 18. Joined ADRIC with service no 1738. Posted to Depot Coy. Section Leader. Coy QMS. Joined in Ireland. No Papers, No rank against his name

1921 May 11. Gives evidence as CQM at trial of T/C CM Webb accused to losing items of kit

1921 Jul 15 Admitted Stevens Hospital

1922 Feb 6. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register at Railway Hotel Barnham , Chichester R.D., Sussex,. He is a retired Major. DOB 16 Dec 1881

1956 Died Midhurst, Sussex