Major Frederick Lindsay Hamilton M.C

1891 Oct 3. Born Kingston, Surrey.

1901 census at 10, Blackwater Road, Eastbourne. The house of Jesse Field, where he is a "visitor"

1911 census at. 4 Burghill Road Sydenham S E

1914 Sep 15. Enlisted as 2895 Private 14th London Regiment and landed in France

1915 Jan 25. To be Second Lieutenant Middlesex Regiment,

1916 May 28. K. O. Sco. Bord.—The undermentioned to be temp. Capts.: — Temp. Lt. F. L. Hamilton.

1916 Sep 15 MC for the Attack and Capture of Martinpuich. Officer Commanding 'B' Company 7/8th (Service) Battalion K.O.S.B.'s during the attack and capture of Martinpuich, Somme Temp. 2nd Lt. Frederick Lindsay Hamilton, K.O. Sco. Bord., 'For conspicuous gallantry in action. He continually moved about the front line under very heavy fire. Later with great courage, he rallied a party of men and re-occupied and evacuated a portion of a trench.' '

At 4 A.M. on the 15th of September hot tea was served out to the men, and at 5 A.M. the battalion was at its post ready for the assault. " B " Company, commanded by 2nd Lieut. F. L. Hamilton, was on the right ; " C " Company, commanded by 2nd Lieut. Murray, in the centre; and "D" Company, under 2nd Lieut. J. Snowie, on the left. "A" Company was in support, under 2nd Lieut. Harkus.

At O.C. 'B' Coy. reported " Am now at extreme right of our final objective. Bottom Trench being consolidated. Casualties about 40%" (War Diary 7/8th Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers);

1916 Nov 6. Battalion at Henencourt . Lt F L Hamilton on Lewis Gun training

1917 Jul 30. During an attack at Ypres "Memory may fail when we attempt to recall some definite part of an operation, but when we are asked who it was who strolled leisurely across the shrapnel-strewn battlefield, placidly smoking his pipe, we remember it was Lindsay Hamilton.

1917 Aug 28. Those who occupied Square Farm will long re- member it as one of the hottest places on that front. The approaches to it were veritable death-traps, where no one ever chose to linger. In order to lessen the risks that messengers ran in entering or leaving the Farm, a forward Report Station was established in Pommern Redoubt, under Captain F. L. Hamilton, who was then acting as Second-in-Command.

1918 Jan 18. K.O. Sco. Bord. Temp. Capt. F. L. Hamilton, M.C., to be temp.

1918 Mar 28. the British Army was putting up the S.O.S. on a wide front. The Hun was attacking in force on the whole Arras Sector,threatening the long-suffering old town with complete destruction. Orders were issued that all personnel of the 15th Division left out of the line, including bandsmen, shoemakers, tailors, cooks and Orderly Room clerks, should be immediately organised into a battalion of three companies (one for each Brigade), and held in readiness to withstand the onslaught of the H un. The details of each battalion formed one platoon. Major Kennedy of the 6th Camerons was in command and Major F. L. Hamilton, M.C., 7/8th K.O.S.B., O.C. 46th Brigade Company, acted as Second-in-Command. Within two hours from the receipt of orders, the battalion was organised, equipped, and on the move to the trenches east and south-east of Dainville

1918 May 20 The command of the battalion passed to Major F. L. Hamilton, M.C., until the arrival of Major A. E. Burnett, who had been in charge of the Divisional Reception Camp.

1918 Jul 24 All that day our position was maintained, and be fore the battalion was relieved by the 9th Royal Scots in the early hours of the day following, a line of out- posts had been dug about 1 50 yards from the original front line. We then moved back in Brigade reserve to a little valley near the village of Chazelle, where Major F. L. Hamilton took over command from Captain Weir, who had been in charge after Colonel Hart was wounded.

1918 Aug 12. A ceremonial parade of the 46th Infantry Brigade was held at Gouy on the 1 2th of August, when the decorations awarded by the French authorities for the actions at Soissons were presented by Major- General H. L. Reed, V.C. Major F. L. Hamilton received the Legion of Honour and the Croix de Guerre ;

1918 Oct 12 Replaced as CO of 7th Service Battalion KOSB

1918 Nov 14 MID.

1919 Apr 8 Married Mary Lindley from Nottingham

1919 May 20. Major and Second in Command of the 2nd Battalion Slavo British Legion (Burke's), Isako Gorka, During the Russian Intervention 1919-20. AF Burke also joined ADRIC

1919 Jul 5. The other SBL, 1st Battalion Slavo British Legion, mutinied at Tuisamnika killing 2 British Officers, 4 Russian Officers and 3 orderlies - in addition 200 men of the 4th North Russian Rifles rebelled at Troitsa. The mutiny was put down and as a result of the 1st Battalion's actions all S.B.L. battalions were disarmed on the 16th July.

''Mutiny'' by Lawrence James. 'At 2.00 a.m. Lieutenant Komarov inspected the lines and found everything quiet. Half an hour later, eight men, led by Corporal Nuchev and Private Leuchenko, approached the two-roomed hut where several British and Russian officers were sleeping. Nuchev shot dead Captain Finch through a window and the others shot and killed two British and four Russian officers and three orderlies. The killing of the two companies'' commanders was a signal for the start of the mutiny. The sound of the firing roused all the men of B and C companies whom the ringleaders rallied with threats and told to desert to the Bolsheviks.150 chose to do so....

1919 Oct 1. K.O.S.B. — Maj. Frederick Lindsay Hamilton, M.C., late Serv. Bn. to be Maj.,

1920 Aug 2. Joined Auxiliary Division (Depot Company) Probably a Form 3 transfer, given few details recorded

1920 Sep To  "A" Company As Platoon Commander, No. 4. Platoon. This platoon appears to be transferred 23 Nov 1921 as a unit to J Coy.

1920 Nov 10. Transferred to the RIC as a permanent cadet

1920 Dec 1. Promoted, 3rd Class District Inspector to County Tyrone, 3rd D/I Newtownstewart.

1920 Dec 15 marries in Dublin. TG Macfie is a witness

1921 Feb 2. Appointed Assistant Commissioner of Gold Coast Police, but this was rescinded and he was discharged from RIC a few weeks later

He was retained to give evidence at a trail for the murder of Mary Morris

1921 Apr 21 Resigned from RIC

1923 Jan 23 Arrives in UK from Accra on SS Aba. He is with his wife Mary aged 25, travels 1st class and is in Colonial Police. His UK address is given as Ravenhurst, Silverdale, Sydenham, London

1925 Jan 5. Arrives in UK from Accra on SS Adda. Travels 1st class with wife Nellie, age 24, he is with Colonial Police and UK address is 35 Silverdale.

1941 Oct 3. The undermentioned, having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off. : K.O.S.B.: Maj. F. L. Hamilton (59837).

1941 Dec 11. Arrives in UK from Nigeria on SS Stuyvesant. "Police Officer, Gold Coast."

1943 May 28. Colonial Police medal for Meritorious Service - Major Frederick Lindsay Hamilton, M.C., Superintendent, Gold Coast Police Force.

1957 Oct 1 . Died Evesham

1998 Jul 14. His medals were sold.

Description: Eight: MC Geo V (reverse engraved 2nd Lieut F Lindsay Hamilton Sept 15th 1916 , 1914 star with bar (2895 Pte F L Hamilton 14/Lond. R), BWM, Victory (Major), Jubilee 1935 (un-named), Colonial Police MSM, Geo VI, (Major Frederick Lindsay Hamilton MC Supt: Gold Coast Police Force), France Legion of Honour knights badge, Croix de Guerre 1914- 18 with palm. MC and Foreign decorations as Major 7th Bn King's Own Sco. Bord. Average VF (enamel chipping to Legion of Honour), mounted court style. See Inside Front Cover