Lt Frederick William Harper AIF

An enigmatic character. The ADRIC rolls show he was with AIF. This is the only officer "F W Harper" in AIF. There is a Frederick W Harper who was discharged from AIF in Set 1917 as a private, unfit for military service (and no record of him rejoining AIF).

I think our man is the older of the two possible, and that RIC year of birth of 1891 was wrong, probably as mistranscription. He appears to have been illegitimate, son of Maria Fox

1872 Apr Born Halifax, Yorks. He says 42.5 years when he enlists. The medical reports in 1919 suggest born 1864. His age in 1918 of 46 is crossed out and 55 inserted. The probability is that he was born Frederick William Fox in Bradford Jul/Sep 1862. This would suggest he took a straight 10 years off his age on enlisting. RIC has 10 Jan 1891 as his dob

1894 Married in Broken Hill, New South Wales to Sophy Bright (1871–1947)

1915 Oct 15. Enlists in AIF, he is a widower aged 42, son Hugh Garrod Harper, served previously in 15th Hussars and purchased a discharge. A Clerk

1917 Jan 1. Commissioned 2nd Lt in ANZAC Provost Corps

1917 Apr 22. Promoted Lt

1917 Jun 1. Promoted Quartermaster

1919 Jan 4. Leaves UK on troopship to return to Australia

1919 Jun 30 Appointment terminated

1920 Dec 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 1244 . Posted to L. Coy. Joined with J E F Claughton

1921 May 14. Posted to Depot Coy.

1921 Nov 15 to 19 Dec. In Stevens Hospital

1921 Dec 31. "Services dispensed with" . Late in the day, he must have been very bad

1924 Dec 12. In Prince of Wales Hospital Randwick.NSW

1939 Electoral register in Brisbane, with Sophy

1942 Aug 7 Died (from Army record) This was in Queensland and gives his father as Samuel Harper and mother as Maria Fox (BMB shows they married 1864 in St Asaph in Wales). I cannot find them in 1871 or later censuses. Shipping records do not exist for this period, so I cannot establish when they went to Australia.



The younger man who was discharged in Sep 1917 as a Private

1917 Apr 2 Enlisted

1917 Sep 14 Discharged "unfit"