2nd Officer James Milne Harris

1896 Feb 7. Born Umginto, Natal

1897 Apr 27. The family back in UK

1905 Jun 1 Entered Wormitt School , Fife, Scotland. Parent or Guardian given as E S Harris of Newport

1905 Jun 30 Left to go to Newport HG School

1919 Nov 19 1st Mates cert awarded

1920 Jul Sailed as 3rd mate on his seaman's card on ship 140298. "British Princess " a tanker, built 1917, at Newcastle; tonnage: 7034

1921 Apr 20. Joined ADRIC with service no 1907. Posted to O Coy. "2nd Officer J M Harris"

1922 Jan 16 Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1924 Mar 10. Masters Ticket achieved

1933 Jan 18. Married in Scotland to Lily MacDonald

1937 Aug 29. Collision in the North Sea in fog. Built for A. Rowland, Liverpool as the BLANCHE ROCK; the Methil collier RAYFORD was on passage from Sunderland to Lowestoft, with a cargo of coal,when she foundered after a collision with the steam ship LONDON, one mile east-south-east of Spurn Head Light Ship.

1941 Jan 1. Merchant Navy Awards: London Gazette, NAME James Milne Harris, RANK Captain, AWARD OBE,SHIP Aboyne

1944 Sep 29. The Rescue Vessel Aboyne was on her 7th voyage as such, having started this voyage from Clyde on Sept. 29-1944 with the westbound Convoy ONS 33, to Halifax Oct. 13, then returned to Clyde with Convoy SC 159, Oct. 18-Nov. 1. Her next eastbound voyage was with Convoy HX 324. ("Convoy Rescue Ships 1940-1945", Arnold Hague). Arnold Hague mentions the following in connection with Aboyne's voyage with SC 159:"During the seventh voyage, on the return passage with convoy SC 159 on 1 Nov 1944, Aboyne heard heavy explosions shortly before entering the Clyde. Closing the scene, she discovered the Captain class frigate HMS Whittaker without her bow, having been torpedoed by U-483. Another escort, HMS Gore, also closed and, being inexperienced in Atlantic duty, did not appreciate the nature of Aboyne and ordered her away from the danger zone. Eventually Captain Harris prevailed and was permitted to send his medical staff to assist Whittaker's injured".

1985 Sep . Died Berkshire aged 89