Capt. William Norman Harrison

Odd one this. But MIC above says Inniskilling and RAF, but RAF gives a younger man who was at school when our man was a Medical Student. So I conclude our man was not the man with MIC above, and probably does not have a MIC

I think the census info is correct man. I suspect that he went back to Northern Ireland after he left the ADRIC

His father Thomas Harrison's own origins are somewhat hazy but he certainly seems to have been from a more modest background than his 2nd wife and the marriage was certainly advantageous and seen as such by his political and legal opponents - she was undoubtedly the stronger personality and had both connections and cash. He ran twice for parliament, once in 1900 for a Belfast seat and the second time for a Donegal seat in 1910, but lost out both times. However he was very active in politics in Belfast (where he went under several labels but essentially Liberal Unionist) and later in Dublin as a Unionist. He died in 1920 but while his daughters and other relatives are named as attending the funeral, WNH isn't (Belfast Newsletter, 7 Feb 1920) which may - or may not - be significant.

1888 Aug 13 Born Belfast (RIC reg has 13 Aug 1891, but says born Antrim)

WNH's mother died in 1891 of TB and in 1893 his father, who by this time had been elected to Belfast Corporation, married Lady (Agnes) Cowan, wealthy widow of a Belfast merchant and former Mayor, Sir Edward Porter Cowan, who already had 8 children of her own. The couple and some of their younger children - including Florence and Kathleen Harrison, Thomas's daughters - lived until the late 1890s at Craigavad before moving to Dublin, where they set up in some style in Fitzwilliam Sq.

WNH doesn't seem to have been with them - he appears in the 1901 census living with Thomas's spinster sisters in Belfast, but he does turn up in Dublin in 1905/6 when he was a TCD student and attended a couple of the social events in no 65. Thereafter he disappears from the scene as far as I know at present, but he was obviously studying in London in 1911. Daisy Somerville Stevens was his stepsister, the former Daisy Cowan.

1901 census The family are at 65 in Fitzwilliam Square North, Dublin. William is not there (right family from 1911 census with Esca George Stevens there)

1911 census at 217 Maida Vale N W London. Elsa George Stevens is is step brother seen in 1901 census


1917 Nov 8 Gazetted 2nd Lt on General List

I can get no refference to him in R Munster Fusiliers


1920 Oct . Joined ADRIC with service no 724. Posted to G Coy. Claimed to have been a Captain in RMF

1920 Dec 17, Wounded, admitted Military Hospital Limerick

1921 May 28 to 11 Jun on Leave

Fined £1 by Coy Commander

1921 Jul 29 to 28 Aug on Leave

1921 Aug 25. Discharged medically unfit. Not due to service in RIC

Both Kathleen and her husband (and stepbrother) Francis Cowan, and Florence Harrison moved back to Co Down after Independence so its possible WNH joined one or other if them there after he left the Auxiliaries.

1939 Sep 20. Commissioned 2nd Lt Aux Pioneer Corps — Capt. William Norman HARRISON (103542) (late Inniskilling Fus.).

1940 Jun 1. 2nd Lt. W. N. Harrison (103542) relinquishes his commn. on account of ill health.

1966 Jul/Sep Died Eastbourne, Sussex aged 78