W G Hassall


There is no W G Hassall on WO338, but there is a William but with no regiment, and no MIC. No WG Hassall on MICs, and no obvious officer in "William Hassall" MIC cards, This entry appears to be an error, which the clerk found difficult to reverse, and it gets convoluted in the Numeric and Alphabetis Register. The bottom line is that WG Hassall never existed and never joined ADRIC

1922 Mar . ADRIC number allocated 1866 in Alphabetic register, but not in Numeric Register, but no other info. It looks as if he joined under another name, but it is difficult to make out. The entry under "Lieut WG" reads "see 1866 W"

This takes us to here is an entry for 1866 "CFWH Faith"

And further research in the Registers give 1603 Faith CFW who is the same man (OC No4 Vets t Gormanstown