Reginald George Head, RFA


He is in both registers as "R G Head". Numeric register gives RFC. But no RAF officer with those initials. RIC Register has him as Reginald George Head, born Herefordshire

1894 May 2, Born Herefordshire

1901 census at The Vicarage, Brilley, Hereford

1911 census at Cleobury Mortimer Agricultural Commercial College. He was born Brilly, Herefordshire

1915 Mar 3 Landed in France

1915 Nov 4. Commissioned. RFA 3rd S Midland Brigade. Reginald George Head to be Second Lieutenant.

1919 Jul 15. Adjutant

1921 Dec 23. Gazetted out . RFA 3rd S. Mid. Bde.— Lt R G Head

1921 Feb 22. Joined ADRIC with service no 1748. Posted to L Coy

1921 Sep 3. Promoted Section Leader

1922 Jan 20. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 28. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Constable

1950 This appears to be him

1962 Jun Died Northumberland?