Capt. Bernard William Hemsley


1898 Aug 24. Born Edmonton, Middlesex, England

1901 census at Lambeth, London

1910 to 1914 A Student at Dulwich College

1911 census , I cannot find him

1915 Nov 3. The undermentioned tempy. Prob. Flight Sub-Lieuts. confirmed in rank - temp Sub Lt, Bernard W Hemsley

1917 Jun 29 . Flight Sub-Lieuts. to Flight Lieuts.— Bernard W Hemsley

RNAS Service Record

RAF Service Record

1919 Jan 6. Gets his Aviators Certificate

1920 Aug 10. Joined ADRIC with service no 176. Posted to ? Coy.

1920 Oct 30. resigned at own request.

1921 May 12 Rejoined ADRIC with service no. 1962 Posted to O Coy

1921. Jul 9 Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Sep 23. Struck off ADRIC roll on transfer to Transport Dept of RIC

1922 Feb 1. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC. He appears to have re-joined from RIC Gormanstown and been discharged the same day.

1922 Sep In the RUC

1925 Jan 27. Flying Officer B. W. Hemsley is granted a permanent commn, in rank stated ;

1925 May 25. The undermentioned are transferred to the Stores Branch on probation in the ranks stated, with effect from, and with seniority of, Pilot Officers. Bernard William HEMSLEY

1926 Jan 27. STORES BRANCH. Flying Officer Bernard William HEMSLEY is granted a permanent commission in the rank stated.

1926 Apr/Jun Marriage to Phyllis Evelyn Wingfield

1926 Dec 11. Flying Officers: . B. W. Hemsley, to No. 1 Wing H.Q., India, instead of to No. 5 Sqdn., as previously notified

1932 Feb 2. Flying Officers to be Flight Lieutenants. Bernard William HEMSLEY.

1932 Jun 3. MBE (Military) gazetted

1935. Divorce Court File: 6638. Appellant: Bernard William Hemsley. Respondent: Phyllis Evelyn Hemsley. Co-respondent: Basil Pritchard. Type: Husband's petition for divorce

1937 Dec 1. EQUIPMENT BRANCH. The undermentioned Flight Lieutenants are promoted to the rank of Squadron Leader. Bernard William HEMSLEY, M.B.E.

1940 Jan 2. Squadron Leaders to be Wing Commanders. Bernard William HEMSLEY, M.B.E. (21043).

1940 Jan 29. Department of the Air Member for Supply and Organisation — Directorate of Repair and Servicing — Assistant Directorate of Repair and Servicing - Assistant Director Wing Commander B. W. Hemsley, M.B.E. .

1945 Mar 7. Retirement. Wg. Cdr. B. W. HEMSLEY, M.B.E. (21043) (on account of medical unfitness for Air Force service) retaining the rank of Gp. Capt.

1948 Oct/Dec Married in London to Rosemary Rothwell Maddox

1949 May 6. Leaves UK for South Africa. Group Captain, retired.

1951 Apr 7. Departs UK for Mombassa. with his wife Rosemary Rothwell Helmsley and 2 daughters (aged 8 and 2)

1956 Oct 12. Arrives in UK from Mombassa with wife Rosemary He is a Civil Servant.

when he was Assistant Commissioner of Prisons in Kenya.

1957 Mar 29. The War Office, The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be mentioned in recognition of distinguished services in Kenya during the period from 22nd April, 1954 to 21st October. 1955:-— B. W. HEMSLEY, O.B.E., Assistant Commissioner of Prisons in Kenya.

1962 He and Rosemary moved to Guernsey in 1962 and I believe they ran a small school, family history states he died of a heart attack whilst visiting the isles of Sark I cannot at the moment confirm this, so I have no date. Rosemary died 6th Jan 1980.

1976 Apr 18 . He died in Guernsey, at the age of 77.