(Mate) Thomas Edward Hight MMR

1898 Jan 21. . Born Allahabad, Abbottabad, India. His father Edward Lancelot Hight , was a Captain in the Indian Army

1911 census at 68 South Eastern Road , Ramsgate

MMR Record

1918 Jul 16. Attains 2nd Mate Certificate

1919 Jul/Sep Marries in West Ham to Gladys C Simmons

1919 Aug 10. Sails as 3rd Officer on ship 115788, S.S. Thongwa

1920 Apr 29. Attains 2nd Mate Certificate. Strangely he seems to have got 2nd Mate twice.

1921 Jun 14. Joined ADRIC with service no 2053. Posted to A Coy

1922 Jan 18. Discharged at demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Sep 30 . Leaves UK for Batavia "Merchant Marine".

1925 Jun 26. Arrives in New York , working on a ship as "junior assistant purser"

1929 Aug 17. Sailed on SS Berengaria as Senior Assistant Purser

1939 Register Correct dob. Living at Cottage,Home Farm Effingham Hill , Guildford . Wife Gladys. He is an assistant cost accountant. Merchant Navy Reserve & Navigating Officer

1954 Jun 24 Arrives in New York, working on a ship as Navigation Officer.

1977 Mar. Died London