Herbert Hinchcliffe

T/Cadet Herbert Hinchcliffe was tried for the murder of James Murphy on Feb 9 1921with W L King

1899 Jan 15. Born at Aldershot, the son of a Charles Hinchcliffe, an enlisted man in West Yorks Regt

1901 census

1911 census His father was Sgt Major Charles Hinchcliffe, born Warrington Lancs 1872. Infantry Barracks, Fulford Rd, York. Depot West Yorks Regt. His mother is Mrs Annie Hinchcliffe

1916 Sep 25 Bank Clerk Nat & Prov Bank, York

1917 Jun 1. Leaves bank job, presumably to enlist

Served as a Private in the 85th Training Battalion Reserve

1918 Feb 17. Promoted TPFO (which seems to be Temp. Probationary Flying Officer) and stationed at Greenwich College

1918 May 4. Posted to Eastchurch

1918 Sep 24. Commissioned 2nd Lt (Observation Officer). And served in England and France

1919 Oct 9 To unemployed list

1920 Sep 21. Joined ADRIC with service no 608. In F Company

1921 Feb 9 Involved in Drumcondra murders .

1921 Apr 15. Acquitted of murder.

1921 Feb 13 to 16 Apr . He was suspended while the court case progressed.

1921 May 21. Posted to Z Coy

1921 Aug 19 Posted to Depot

1921 Aug 31. "permitted to resign on disciplinary grounds"

1932.Oct 7 Herbert Peter Hinchcliffe . Father's Name C. Charles Hinchcliffe Spouse's Name Jeanie Wilson Spouse's Father's Name Robert Wilson

He went on to India and Ghana as a banker and died in the 70s. He appears to have spent 26 years in India, then moved to Ghana in 1960 as Managing Director of Ghana Commercial Bank.

Hinchcliffe in 1960 and in 1918

1937 Dec 11. Arrives in UK from Bombay. A banker in India, UK address Fisherwick Cottage, Newcastle, Co Down. He travels with his wife Mrs J (1 year older then him) and 2 children Master J aged 4 and Master P aged 6 months.

1938 Jun 25. A banker living in India, he travels from UK to Bombay. Travels alone. UK address is Fisherwick Cottage, Newcastle, Co Down.

1948 Dec 28. He and his wife Jeannie (she is a doctor) arrive in UK from Bombay. He is a banker

1953 Dec 3. Travels as Herbert Peter Hinchcliffe. Leaves UK for Gold Coast. He is an Admin Officer and UK address is Ulster Club, Belfast.

1959 Nov 26 He left UK for Gold Coast (manifest gives correct date of birth). His UK address is Fisherwick Cottage, Newcastle, Co Down. He travels with his wife Jeannie. He is a Company Managing Director. A 1959 advert for the Ghana Commercial Bank shows him to be Managing Director.

1966 Jan 1 to 1969 Jan 1 He was a Director of Ghana Commercial Bank

1974 Apr 4 died Malta

Herbert Peter HINCHCLIFFE, (Memorial states Peter) Pensioner. Born 15 March 1899 in Aldershot, Hampshire as Herbert to Mrs Annie Hinchcliffe. In 1901 aged 2 years he was a boarder with his mother aged 25 years at the home William (Groom) and Elizabeth Ratcliffe at 33 Winchelsea Street, Dover. Died 4th April 1974. His residence in Malta was The Lower Deck, Notary Zarb, St Attard Malta. He was known as Herbert Peter Hinchcliffe.