Lt James Davies Hollis, Royal Fusiliers

He was commissioned as James Davies Hollis, but there is no sign of the "Davies" before that, but the Chorley Road address ties it all together.

1892 Nov 15. Born Bolton, Lancashire.

1901 census at 616, Chorley Old Road, Bolton

1910 Mar 4 Enlisted in Territorials. He was a Gardener's Assistant

1911 census at 616 Chorley Old Road (as on 1923 shipping record, where he travels as James D Hollis, and in 1936 as James Davies Hollis of that address)

1914 Aug 5 Embodied

1917 Oct 31 R Fus. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts., from a Serv. Bn., W. York. R., to be temp. 2nd Lts., with seniority specified against their names: James Davies Hollis

1918 Jun 29. Marriage: St Peter, Halliwell, Lancs. Norman Stanley Lythgoe - 24 Leather Finisher Bachelor of 85 Hollins Street Annie Hollis - 29 Spinster of 616 Chorley Old Road Groom's Father: James Henry Lythgoe, Iron Worker Bride's Father: George Hollis, deceased, Insurance Agent Witness: Albert Terry; Sara Hollis; James Davies Hollis. Married by Banns by: Percy Stott Vicar

1919 May 1. R. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lt. J. D. Hollis to be temp. Lt., with precedence next below T. L. Calender.

1919 Oct 27 Demobilised

1920 Oct 25. Joined ADRIC with service no 885. Posted to L Coy

1920 Dec 15. R Fus. The undermentioned temp. Lts, relinquish their commissions on completion of service from the dates specified, and retain the rank of Lt.: J D Hollis

1920 Dec 17, Promoted Section Leader

1921 Mar 10 to 24 Mar on Leave

1921 Apr 19. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Jul 15 to 30 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 20.Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 25. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Sergeant

1923 Jul 19. Arrives in UK (Port Said to Plymouth) He is Palestine Police . Heading to 616 Chorley Old Rd, London Rd, Bolton. (there is also John A Hollis, an RAF Officer, Mrs Gladys Hollis both heading to Skirlaugh, Hull, Yorkshire)

1928 Aug 3. Arrives UK from Port Said. He was living in Palestine as "police".. 34 Dangan Rd, Wanstead, Essex is UK address given.

1930 May 15 Arrives UK from Port Said Same details as in 1928. 2nd Class.

1926/1930 Registered Consular Marriage in Haifa, Palestine to IMPEY, Edith M

1936 Aug 3. Arrives in UK from Port Said. Living in Palestine, Police. 1st Class

1938 Sep 9. Arrives UK from Port Said Same details as in 1928. 2nd Class.

1941 Jan 8. Died of Natural Causes in Haifa. Inspector in Palestine Police Force. Husband of Edith Maud Hollis, of Wanstead, Essex. CWGC grave in Palestine - James David Hollis (sic).


WO 339/106903