Edgar Wells Hylton RAF


1900 Feb 22. Born West Ham. London

1901 census at 45, Stock Street, West Ham

1911 census at 4 Coronation Villas, Harleston Road, Grantham

He was in 51st DLI as 97149 before joining RAF

1917 Nov 27. Posted to 10 TTW

1918 Feb 5. Posted to 85 TRB

1918 Feb 4. Unfit as a Flying Officer in any capacity. Fit General Service

1918 Oct 11. Fit for pilot

1918 Oct 12 Posted to 8 CW

1918 Oct 31 Posted to 2 CW

1918 Nov 26 Posted to 5 CW

1918 Dec 18 Rejoined Unit

1919 Feb 15, The undermentioned Cadets are granted hon. commissions as 2nd Lts.:—97149 Edgar Wells Hylton.

1920 Dec 6 Joined ADRIC with service no 1167. Posted to L Coy

1921 Jan 29 Promoted Section Leader

1921 May 21. Posted to Depot Coy and reverts to T/Cadet.

1921 Jun 24. Left ADRIC. Appointed to permanent RIC rank as 3DI to Kilrush, Clare. Gets RIC pension on moving to Palestine

1922 Mar 30. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Lieutenant - photo of him in Palestine. He owned a race horse named Amuser who won several races. 2 silver cups in various family  members possession.

1926 Jul 10. Booked ,but did not board ship from Port Said to UK. "Army officer" UK address Basil Dene, Abbots Brook, Bourne End. He is living in Palestine.

1927 Dec 22. Arrives in UK from Port Said. He is a Civil Servant UK address Basil Dene, Abbots Brook, Bourne End. He is living in Egypt.

1939 Register. He is living at Basil Dene Bourne End , Wycombe R.D., Buckinghamshire,with widowed mother. He has Business Interest In Cattle Foods & Veterinary Medicines

1939 Married in Buckinghamshire to Catherine Mary Lyndsay Simpson . They had 3 daughters

1940 Jul 25 Royal Armoured Corps . 9th Lancers. Edgar Wells Hylton (116315) to be 2nd Lt.

Edgar's WW2 included managing an Officer's Mess in various parts of the battle zones and arranging a famous dinner where General Montgomery was in attendance and signed the visitors book along with other dignitaries of the time.

1969 He went to Canada to join other members of his family who had emigrated earlier.

1974 Nov 24 Died in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada