2nd.Lt. John Ernest Jeans


1900 Feb 14. Born Lambeth. Only one in English BMD. 1898 Born England on RIC Register. 1896 Feb 14 On RAF Record. He must have been altering his age to get into the RFC. In later life he switched back to 1900 which is the correct dob

1901 census in London

1911 I cannot find the family

1912 to 1914 Worked as a furrier and clerk at Vernon, Hettie, Jeans, Bithill at Sloan St, Knightbridge, London

1915 Apr 10.Enlisted Royal Welch Fusiliers and transferred to RFC.

1916 Mar 16 to 14 Jul 1916 Posted to France

1918 Apr 1. Transfers to RAF

RAF Service Record

1920 Apr 16. RAF. The undermentioned Cadets are granted honorary commissions as 2nd Lts., with effect from the date of their demobilisation : 22325 John Ernest Jeans

1920 Aug 13. Joined ADRIC with service no 196. Posted to B Coy

1921 Jan 20 to 12 Feb on Leave

Fined £1 by Coy Commander

1921 Jul 13 to 26 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 23. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 25. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Head Constable

1922 - 1925. Served in Palestine Gendarmerie from Straits Times article in 1934, where he was a Head Constable (Station Sergeant)

1925 Jun 19. Leaves UK for Singapore . "Crown Agents"

1925-1926 in Malay Police

Resigns to become a planter in Bukit Hitam Estate, Selangor

1928 Rejoined Straits Police

1932 Apr 1. Arrives UK from Singapore. He is a police officer in Malaya

1932 Sep 14. Leaves UK for Singapore. Crown Agents

1934 An article about him in Straits Times confirms his ADRIC past

1937 Jun 11. Leaves UK for Singapore. Police Officer.. 76 Park Drive, Gunnersbury Park, London W3. Now travels 1st class. He lives in Malaya. Age 37.

1939 Jan 19. Appointed Chief Air Raid Warden in Singapore.

1941 Nov 16. In Malaya. Note Singapore fell Feb 1942.

He was interned by the Japanese from 1942

1947 May 14. In charge of Singapore Harbour Police

1950 Oct 26.

1963 May . A John Ernest Jeans arrives in Freemantle, Aus from Durban, and in transit to Suva, Fiji