Arthur LeFevre Taulke Johnson QSA


He serves in RAF as Arthur Taulke LeFevre Johnson, but has also used Arthur LeFevre Taulke Johnson

1878 Jan 5. Born Agra, Bengal, India son of Clement Patrick Johnson & Justina. His mother Justina, remarried after his father's death and became Mrs Alexander Mercer. her maiden name was Christie.

Baptised at St Pauls Church, Civil Lines, Agra. Profession of father - Customs Dept. He had a sister "Mabyn Fai Taulke Johnson" born India in 1876

1900 married Cicely Seegar in Cape Town (she died 1966 in Malta)

1901 born South Africa , a daughter of Johnson and Cicely Seeger, Aelfrida Taulke Le Fevre Johnson

1901 . Arthur served in the Canadian Scouts in the Boer War. He his on the list of members , although there are 2 Johnsons,he is probably more likely to be the "A T Johnson". Neither man served 9 months as he later claimed in his 1915 attestation

1906 Apr 10. False pretences charge in Sydney Australia. He jumped bail, and as far as his South African family aware they never heard from him after 1906. My grandmother told my mother that he had died when she was 5 years old. Cicely later married Leslie Neck,

1915 Jul 16. Leaves UK for Canada. He is a Clerk and travels 3rd Class.

1915 Jul 27. Enlists in Canadian Exp Force. He now has a wife called Mildred. I have not been able to establish who she was.

1915 Sep Arrived in England. He has a large file on Canadian Forces site, but it only covers his salary and who it was paid to.

1916 Jul 10 The undermentioned to be temp. Lt.: — No. 475901 Actg. Serjt. Arthur Taulke Le Fevre Johnson. . Mildred continues to be listed as his wife until end 1916. No Mildred is listed as dead at that time

1917 Apr/Jun married in Elham, Kent to Eliza E Champion. There are 7 children born in Elham from 1917 to 1934 to this couple.

1917 Aug 26. Can. Cav. The undermentioned temp. Lts. are seed, for duty with the R.A.F.: — A. T. Le F. Johnson.

RAF Record shows he has taken 5 years off his age

1918 Jan 4. A daughter born in Folkestone

1918 Jun 9. The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts. whilst empld. as Lts.:— (Hon. Lt.) A. T. le F. Johnson.

1919 Jul 17 . The undermentioned relinquish their [RFC] commns. on ceasing to be empld.: 2nd Lt. (Hon. Lt.) A. T. le F. Johnson (Lt.3 Lord Strathcona's Horse).

1919 Jul 17. Can. Cav. Temp. Lt. A. T. Le F. Johnson, ceases to be seed, for duty with the R.A.F.

1919 Aug 13. Can. Cav. Temp. Temp. Lt. A. T. Le F. Johnson retires in the British Isles.

1920 Apr/Jun born Thelma H F Taulke-Johnson (mother Champion)

1920 Nov 15. Joined ADRIC with service no 1038. Posted to I Coy.

1920 Dec 4. Transferred to RIC Transport. DI3

1921 Jul Tried for obtaining £86 by false pretences, but was Discharged.

1922 Oct/Dec Born a son Clement A D Johnson

1923 Taxi smash. One wonders if the woman was connect to Johnson, or merely a passenger.

1932 Jan 15. Bankruptcy

TAULKE-JOHNSON, Arthur Lefevre (in the petition and Receiving Order described as A. Taulke-Johnson), 4, Gordon Road, Gheriton, near Folkestone, in the county of Kent, lately residing and carrying on business at 113, Royal Military Avenue, Shorncliffe, in the said County of Kent. ARMY CONTRACTOR, CARRIER and GENERAL MERCHANT.

1939 Register at 15 St Helens Road , Hastings . He is a retired caterer.

1942 Apr/Jun Died Stroud, Gloucs. aged 64