James Hunt King, Wilts (never had DSO)


1896 Mar 26. born Pewsey, Wilts

1901 census at North St, Pewsey, Wilts

1911 census at North St, Pewsey, Wilts

1919 Mar 17. Commissioned 2nd Lt in Wilts Regt. James Hunt King. His commission is too late to have been recorded on MIC, and there are a number of MIC that could be him. A note on WO338 register says it is a commission on discharge

1920 Aug 27 Joined ADRIC with service no 334. Posted to D Coy

1920 Dec 17 Admitted to Galway Hospital

1921 MAr 1 to 11 Mar In Galway Hospital.

1921 Apr 13 to 22 Apr In Galway Hospital.

1921 Jun 18 to 3 Jul on Leave

1921 Jul 16 to 30 Jul on Leave

1921 Seo 9 to 24 Sep on Leave

1922 Jan 21. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Feb 1. Regular Army Reserve of Officers. Wilts Reg.—2nd Lt. James Hunt King, late Serv. Bn., to be 2nd Lt.

1922 Sep 28 Leaves UK for Canada. Father James Hunt King, North St, Pewsey

1925 May 23. Arrives UK from Canada. He had been deported from Canada. He was a riding school proprietor, and his UK address was North St, Pewsey

1976 Mar. Died Cheltenham, Gloucs


WO 339/137788 correct file