Lt Joseph William Kirk, RAOC

Medals sold 2004 for 120 pounds Lieutenant J. W. Kirk, Nyasaland Field Force, late Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve 1914-15 Star (Nyasaland F.F.); British War and Victory Medals (Lieut.); Africa General Service 1902-06, 1 clasp, Nyasaland 1915 (Nyasaland Vo. Res.) good very fine (4) . Footnote Joseph William Kirk enlisted in the Nyasaland Volunteer Reserve on 1 January 1905 and served in that unit until 12 July 1915, when he was discharged

The key is "Nyasaland", he claimed the Nyasaland Medal on ADRIC Records

1872 Dec 12. Born, Essex from RIC register, (but 1878 given when he joined RIC, but 12 Dec is common to both RIC an Christening Record).

1881 census in Hainault Rd, West Ham, Essex

1896/1900 There is a British Consular death in Malawi (Nyasaland) registered of Joseph Kirk. Whilst obviously not him, it could be related

1901 Nov 11. He enlisted in the Volunteers three times, 6.11.1901, 28.02.1910 and 6.05.1914. The first two times were at Blantyre and the last time at Mlanje. He resigned once on 31.12.1912 (the other two times he left must have been ends of engagements.

1906 Oct 26. Joseph W Kirk leaves UK for Chinde, Mozambique, with Annie M, Joseph L and William S Kirk.

1910 He was Manager of Kabola Stores and appeared in the 1910 NYASALAND DIRECTORY.

1914 May 6. Enlisted in the Volunteers at Mlanje

1915 Feb. J W Kirk owned an estate named Esperanza in Mlanje.

1915/1916. J.W. Kirk qualified for the Africa General Service Medal with bar NYASALAND 1915 for the Chilembwe Uprising, although his role in it was on garrison duty at Mlanje.

As World War I approached Chilembwe became increasingly upset by the unjust employment practices of the neighboring European-owned estates. The outbreak of war in 1914 and the conscription of large numbers of Africans as soldiers and carriers led him to instigate a military uprising against colonial rule in 1915. Although the uprising was a military fiasco, Chilembwe's death in its aftermath assured for him a martyr's place in the subsequent history of African anticolonial struggle.

1916 Jan 13. The undermentioned, to be temp. Lts. whilst serving with the Forces in E. Africa: — Joseph William Kirk.

1916 Mar 2. From The Nyasaland Times: We congratulate Mr J W Kirk on his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant. Mr Kirk is one of the oldest volunteers in the Protectorate and in civil life has held his share of public offices, being ex-Mayor of Blantyre, Past Master of the Lodge Nyasa, etc

1918 Feb. Attended an "At Home" with other officers of the NFF at the Savoy Hotel, Beira

1918 Aug 23. Army Ordnance Dept. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.): — Temp. Lt. J. W. Kirk, from Gen. List (Nyasaland Field Force).

1918 Nov 23. RAOC. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.) are confirmed in their rank, and to be temp. Lts.:— J. W. Kirk.

1920 Dec 29. Joined ADRIC with service no 1376. Posted to M Coy

1921 May 14. Promoted Section Leader and CQM

1922 Jan 19. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register . He is there as Retired RAOC. Living at 27A St Annes Road , Eastbourne . It gives his d.o.b. as 12 Dec 1878

1950 Dec 24. Died Hastings, Sussex