James Munro Kyles

1895 Jul 13. Born in Transvaal, South Africa

1899 Feb Arrives in UK on SS Garth Castle from Delagoa Bay. His mother, father and two brothers are all on boat. His father was a "miner"

1901 Mar 31. 3 of their children including James are baptised in Stephen's Church, Sparsholt. His father is a "miner"

1901 census living with his mother at 10 Rack & Manger, Sparsholt, Hampshire

1903 Aug 9 Arrives in UK from Delagoa Bay on SS Galicia with his mother and 3 siblings

1911 census living with parents at North End Farm Eastleigh

1915 May 12. Enlists

1916 Aug 19. Promoted Corporal

1916 Sep 17. landed in France

1917 Jul 11. Promoted Sergeant

1917 Nov 11. Posted to Wessex Reserve Brigade

1917 Nov 30. marries in South Stoneham, Hants to Kitty Tyrrell. His wife is living at Fortingtree House, Arundel

1917 Dec 18 Posted back to UK

1918 Nov 12. commissioned Kings Royal Rifle Corps

1919 Sep 9 Relinquished commission on completion of service. Retains rank of 2nd Lt

1920 Dec 8. K.R. Rif. C. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. relinquish their commissions on completion of service, and retain the rank of 2nd Lt. : J. M. Kyles.

1920 Aug 17. Joins ADRIC with service no 373. Posted to C Coy

1920 Oct 22 Acting RSM (without a promotion)

1920 Oct 31 Promoted Section Leader

1920 Feb 03 posted to Depot Coy

1921 Feb 8 Difficult to read looks line i/c Signaling

1921 Apr 16. Posted to R Coy.

1921 May 28 to 13 Jun in Stevens Hospital.

1921 Oct 22. Acting RSM but not a DI3

1921 Nov 26. Posted to Depot Coy . Promoted DI3 as "R Sergeant Major"

1922 Feb 8. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 25. Joined the British Gendarmerie section of the Palestine Police as a Head Constable

1922 Jun 14. Arrives in UK from Port Said on SS Omar. A Government Official from Northend Farm, Eastleigh, Hants

1922 Aug 1. Leaves UK for Port Said on SS .Patria. Palestine Police. He is a Colonial Police Officer. From Northend, Eastleigh. Travels 2nd Class.

1926 May 21. Arrives London from Port Said on SS Narkunda. Going to Northend Farm, Eastleigh, Hants. Travels 1st Class. In Police

1926 Leaves UK for Port Said on SS Leicestershire. He is a Policeman. Northend, Eastleigh. Travels 1st Class

1929 Nov 7. Was a witness into the inquiry about the unrest in Palestine

1931 Sep 10. The enquiry which has been conducted into the action of the police in Nablus on August 23rd. (the anniversary of the anti-Jewish massacres of August 1929), in firing on the Arab mob which had refused to disperse when called upon to do so, has found that Superintendent Kyles, who was in command and who was himself seriously injured in the fighting, was justified in ordering his men to fire, says an official statement issued here to-day. The report reveals that the mob had disarmed a British corporal and that Superintendent Kyles ordered his men to shoot only when the corporal and he himself were hard pressed by the mob and were both suffering from loss of blood because of their injuries

1933 Mar 22. Leaves UK for Port Said on SS Viceroy of India. He is a Government Employee. Travels 2nd class.

Opening of augmented water source in Jaamri Country at Ain Hamda, S.E. of Bethlehem. J.M. Kyles, (police officer) Mr. W.R. McGeagh & engineer .

1932 Dec 21. Arrives London from Port Said on SS Rajputna. Going to Northend, Chandlers Ford, Hants. Travels 2nd Class. In Police.

1935 Feb 22, Arrives in London from Port Said on SS Maloja. 47 Church Rd, Tilehurst, Reading. Police Officer, travelling 2nd class.

1936 Aug 8. Promoted from Assistant Superintendent of Police in Palestine to deputy Superintendent of Police, Palestine.

1938 Jan 27. Arrives London from Port Said on SS Umvuma. Going to Chalvington Rd, Chandlers Ford, Hants. Travels 1st Class now. In Police.

1938 Apr 21 Leaves UK for Port Said on SS Viceroy of India. He is a Crown Agent. Travels 1st class. With his wife

1939 Sep 1. The date of appointment of MR. J.M. KYLES, Superintendent, Grade F, Department of Police and Prisons, published in Palestine Gazette No. 989 of the 29th February, 1940, as "13th February, 1940" should read "1st September, 1939

1948 Nov 16. The Khartoum police clashed with an unauthorized demonstration in the capital organized by the Ashiqqa’, the party of the pro-Egyptian Sudanese, which resulted in the death of five of the participants due to botched use of tear gas. J. M. Kyles, the commissioner of police at the time, concluded that the tear gas bombs – imported from Britain – had exploded too fiercely because they had been ‘seriously affected by the climate’.

1951 During the Khartoum police strike a number of new professional officers were hired, including J. M. Kyles and L. M.. Mackay from the Palestine Police

1953 May 30 Arrives in UK from Canada on SS Franconia

1970 Aug 28. died Claro, Yorkshire West Riding, England. Buried Harrogate


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