2nd.Lt John Leslie Lamb, RAF


1896 Mar 30 Born Edmonton, Middlesex. Son of John Davies Lamb and Nellie Elizabeth Green. His parents married in 1895 in Islington

1901 census at 24, Nightingale Lane, Hornsey

1911 Mar 8. Left the UK for Canada. He is travelling alone.

1912 Mar Arrives in Canada

1914 Nov Leaves Canada to return to UK. He enlisted in the Canadian forces (RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 5333 - 36) Service no 588.

1915 Apr 22. Lands in Egypt.

RAF Record and as an OR

1920 Sep 11. Arrives Canada from UK intending to settle.

1921 Mar 21. The undermentioned Cadets are granted Honorary Commissions as 2nd Lt., with effect from the date of their demobilisation : — 270134 Eric Percy Herdman. 6248.79 John Leslie Lamb

1921 Mar 30 Joined ADRIC with service no 1871 . Posted to P Coy

1921 May 4 to May 14. In Stevens Hospital

Fined £2 and 15/- by Coy Commander

1921 May 21. Posted to Depot Coy

Fined £5 by Commandant Wood for "being in illegal possession of a motor car"

1921 Jul 9. Posted to P Coy

1921 Nov 23 Posted to Depot Coy

1921 Dec 3.Posted to O Coy

1922 Jan 16. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Mar 28. Joined the British Gendarmerie secton of the Palestine Police as a Constable.

1923 Jul 20 Leaves UK for Port Said. He is a Policeman. Travels alone, and gives his fathers address in Mill Hill. He must be in Palestine Police but appears to only have stayed 2 years.

1924 May 18. Arrives in Canada from UK

1932 Mar 4. He arrives in UK from Australia. He is a Commercial Traveller working for Shell

1937 Arrives in UK from Canada. He is a Clerk, travels alone, and intends now to live in England

1939 Register Living at Kildare Gardens , Paddington, London with wife Elsie. He is an Unemployed Oil Companies Clerk

1975 Oct/Dec Died Middlesex