Edward John Lawrence RFA


The ADRIC roll gives the age and the regiment and an address. The Trim Looting Court Martial gives his name as Edward John Lawrence

1896 Jun 24 Born Kent

1901 census at 19 Norfolk Rd, Tonbridge, Kent

1911 census at 10 Nelson Avenue, Tonbridge, Kent

1918 Jun 10, Edward John Lawrance was gazetted 2nd Lt., R.H. & R.F.A. (T.F.)

1919 Dec 10. Promoted Lt "E J Lawrance"

1921 Jan 5. Joined ADRIC with service no 1453. Posted to N Coy . Mother at Barden Road, Tonbridge, Kent.

1921 Feb 15. "Services dispensed with - unsuitable" So he was involved in N Coy looting at Trim

1921 Feb 16. Rejoined with service no 1717 and posted to I Coy

1921 Feb 22. Posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 5. Posted to P Coy

1921 May 16 Posted to R Coy

Fined £2 by Coy Commander and £7 by Assist Commandant(by ADRIC standards this is a stiff fine)

1921 Jun 6 . Removed from suspension. . He was court martialed of Trim Looting and acquitted.

1921 Dec 30. Gazetted out as Lt, 1st Home Counties Brigade RHA , Territorial Army

1922 Jan 16. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1939 Register. He is living at 42 Flat 8 Church Street , Walton and Weybridge (his date of birth is exactly right) He is a married Aircraft Progress Chaser

1981 Sep. Died Tonbridge, Kent