2nd Lt Eric Mackay Leslie, Gordon Highlanders


I cannot find him in many places. He features in a manslaughter case in Ireland and is given as "Eric Mackay Leslie" and RIC register gives him as "Eric M Leslie" born 1891 in London, and ex-Gordon Highlanders. Nothing in WO338. In fact he only starts using the "M" after WW1. I suspect that he was illegitimate, but cannot get any further. The MacKay may be the surname of his father. The Birth Cert of the unnamed Lesie might give a clue

In his marriage he says his fathe was Henry Mackay Leslie, ships master. But I cannot find such a man. So his father may have been a Henry Mackay (such a man got a Masters cert at this time)

1891 Aug 6. Born London - the registration is for a male Leslie child without a Christian name

1897 Aug 31 Admitted to St Stephen's Parochial School. Mother Edith of 53 Warbeck Rd, Hammersmith

1898 Mother Edith, living at 27 Delhi St

1901 census Living at Thornhill Bridge St, Islington. This appears to be him. Edith is moving from house to house every year, so it is difficult to be sure

1902 Apr 7 Admitted to St Marks School Westminster. Of 41 Abbey Gardens

Served in ranks in 1/6 Glouces Regt

1915 Mar 31. Landed in France

1918 May 20. Commissioned 2nd Lt as Eric Leslie in Gordon Highlanders

1920 Nov 1. Joined ADRIC service no 929. Section Leader. H Coy from 5 Nov 1920

1921 Jan 28 Shot T/Cadet P M E Hall by accident

1921 Feb 5 Court martial for "Manslaughter" Not Guilty.          

1921 April 21. Witnesses the shooting of Patrick Bell in Tralee. He was Acting Intelligence Officer. BAllantine appears to have been inoperative from MacKinnon's shooting until he stepped down officially as few weeks later


1921 May 21 Promoted DI.3and Intelligence Officer   

1921 Jul 15 to 31 Jul on Leave

1921 Sep 24 . Posted to Depot & reverted to T/Cadet     

1921 Oct 1. Posted to L Coy                            

1922 Jan 20. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1922 Feb 9r Marries Edna H Falkiner in Kensington.. As Edna Hyam Marcus she had married Walter V Falkiner in 1912 in Fulham and had been widowed when Falkiner was killed in Ireland

1923 Jan/Mar, Richard Walter Eric Mackay Leslie born in London , (who gets married in South Africa in 1951. His mother is Marcus. )

1923 Mar 29. E M Leslie leaves UK for Cape Town with wife and child. He is born 1891. His address is Wynnstay Gdns, Kensington. He is a Planter intending to live in South Africa

1964 May 23 Died Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa. He was a married military pensioner. Correct exact dob

1965 Nov 16 His widow died she was nee Edna Marcus