Lt Levi George Llewellyn

1896 Dec 5. Born Pembrokeshire

1901 census in Pembrokeshire

1911 census I cannot find him

1916 Mar Landed in France

1917 Feb 26 Commissioned 2nd Lt in RFA

1918 Aug 26. RFA The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.: —L. G. Llewellyn

1920 Apr 1 . Relinquishes his commission and retains the rank of Lt

1921 Feb 8 Joined ADRIC with service no 1656. Posted to O Coy

1921 Feb 13 Posted to N Coy

Fines of £1 and of 10/- from Coy Commander

1921 Apr/Jun George L Llewllyn married Doris Woolf in Paddington London

1921 Nov 19 Posted to C Coy

1922 Jan Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1928 Mar 23. Factory Department, Home Office, The Chief Inspector of Factories has appointed Dr. L. G. Llewellyn to be Certifying Surgeon under the Factory and Workshop Acts for the Clynderwen District of the County of Pembroke

1928 Oct 15 Levi George Llewellyn to be Lt in RAMC

1930 Divorce Court File: 7673. Appellant: Doris Llewellyn. Respondent: George Levi Llewellyn. Co-respondent: John Herbert, cited. Type: Wife's petition for judicial separation

1935 Divorce Court File: 6743. Appellant: Doris Llewellyn. Respondent: Levi George Llewellyn. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

1937 Jul/Sep Married in Bridgend to Claire Mansel

1939 Register Living at Winton Hampton Dene Road , Hereford with wife Claire. He is a Major in RAMC

1943 Nov 18. RAMC. Maj. L. G. Llewellyn (40688) relinquishes his commn. on account of ill-health.

1981 Jun Died Ogwr, Glamorgan