Lt Cecil Arthur Morgan Lorange, Welch

1898 May 22. Born Wandsworth, London. His father was Arthur Carl Lorange, b1877, but little trace of him after 1900. One might note that he inherited £12,000 in 1891

1901 census - I cannot find them

1911 census at 195 Carlisle Street Splott Cardiff

1915 Dec 1. Landed in France

1917 Sep 25 Commissioned in Welsh Regiment

1920 Apr 21Welch Reg. .Temp. Lt. C. A. Lorange relinquishes His commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of Lt

1920 Oct 21. Joined ADRIC with service no 828. Posted to C Coy.

1920 Nov 28. Together with T/C Whiting he tried to disarm T/C WA Burton who was drunk and threatening civilians with a revolver. Burton's revolver went off and wounded Lorange. T/C Whiting was also trying to disarm Burton

1921 Apr 14 to 14 Jun Medical Leave

1921 Jul 15. Discharged medically unfit - due to RIC service. But I cannot get the incident that led to this.

1922 Jan 29. Welch R.—Lt. Cecil Arthur Lorange, late Serv. Bns., to be Lt. 29th Jan. 1922, with seniority 3rd Jan. 1922

1924 Aug 30. Welch R.—Lt. C. A. Lorange resigns his commn. Reserve of Officers

1929 Jul 27. Married at Stockport, Cheshire to Winifred M Mapleston

1939 Register. He was a certified teacher living with his wife, Winifred M, at 11 Hawthorn Lane , Wilmslow U.D., Cheshire,

1977 Mar 1 .Died