Charles Joseph McCarthy, RFA

WO338 gives a Charles Joseph in RFA. The most likely man is Charles (Joseph McCarthy) , RFA 222886. MC 2808 and the "Joseph" has been added to his name at a later date. His grandson says He adopted his confirmation name of Joseph after his commission to add a little grandeur I think

1893 May 24. Born Bandon , the illegitimate son of Mary Carthy

1914 Aug 17 Landed in France Indicating a Regular soldier from pre-war.

1917 May 24. no.61443 Sergeant Charles McCarthy 30th Brigade Royal Field Artillery, commissioned 2Lt RFA.

1919 Aug 28. ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY. 2nd Lt. C. McCarthy to be Lt.

1921 Jan 19. Joined ADRIC with service no 1565 and was posted to "N" Company ( Based in Trim, Co. Meath.)

Fined £1 and £5 by Coy Commander

1921 Sep 3 Suspended then cancelled

1921 Oct 20 Resigned from ADRIC on compassionate grounds

1923 Nov 14 Left UK for Lagos, Nigeria, he is a Civil Servant, travels 2nd Class

To Nigeria as a prison officer in the twenties and his grandson believes that he was set up and persecuted by the authorities there.

1925 Jan 20. Arrived UK from Nigeria "Supt of Prisons"

His address in Ireland seems to be Ballyduggan, Nine Mile House, Co Tip.

1928 Dec 23. Arrived UK from Lagos, Nigeria. A Government Official, travelled 1st class

1939 Register Livinag at 19 Kings Avenue , Hornsey M.B., Middlesex, "regular reserve of officers RA", wife Brenda

1973 Mar 1. Died 16 Blockley Rd, Wembley. London. Left £891

He was certainly full of contradictions he named his son (my father) Terence after Terence MacSwiney.