2nd Lt Cornelius Gilliland McClean


Brother of Donald F McClean

Cornelius Gilliland McClean Sr. Born Bellville, New Jersey, USA in 1893. Died at Newtownards Hospital 18 November 1942. The youngest of three children of Cornelius John Wallace McClean (whose 1894 death certificate showed him to have been a 44 year old clerk, living in USA for 20 years) and Susan Russell McClean, nee McKinstry. He had a sister, Mabel, and a brother, Donald Francis. As both of his parents died within months of each other , the children were sent back to Ireland in 1894 to be brought up by aunts and uncles at Campbells Mill, Mossleigh, Carnmoney, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland. Attended Royal Belfast Academical Institution (Inst) and after school served his time in the linen industry. Was a member of the Ulster Volunteer Force, (UVF) and at the outbreak of the First World War, joined the Army. He was RTU (Returned to Unit) from Officer Cadet School for some drinking escapade and as an ex-cadet was made a lance corporal in the Royal Irish Rifles. He went to France sometime in 1915 and was wounded. He transferred to the Machine Gun Corps and became a Company Quartermaster Sergeant. He was later Commissioned in the Royal Irish Fusiliers and was demobilised with the rank of Captain sometime in 1919.

1893 Jun 9. Born Orange Country New Jersey, Cornelius Gilliland McClean was my grandfather (my father had the same name), and was born in Orange County, New Jersey in1893. He returned to Ireland in 1894 after the death of both parents and grew up in Mossley, Co. Antrim.(His father was born in Waterford and his mother Carnmoney, Co. Antrim). Apparently, he and his brother learned when they signed up for service in WW1 that it was easier to say they were born in Belfast.

1901 census Living with grandparents at 5 Martinez Avenue, Pottinger, Down

1911 census at Ballyhenry, Carnmoney, Antrim

1915 Jul 16. Enlists in Belfast. He is a salesman born Dundonald, Belfast Jun 1893. His address is Mossleigh, Dundonald, Co Down, next of kin Aunt, Miss McKinstrey

1916 Feb 26. Drunk on active service, returned to the ranks. He was a Cadet L/Cpl

1916 Apr 24. Acting Sergeant

1916 Jun 16 Posted to France

1916 Sep 16. Posted back to UK and transferred to MGC

1917 Feb 15, Promoted Colour Sgt

1917 Jul 11. Promoted A/CQMS and posted to France

1917 Dec 27 . Posted back to UK

1918 Jul 22. Commissioned 2nd Lt in 3rd R I Fusiliers

1919 Sep 20. R. Ir. Fus. Temp. 2nd Lt. C. G. McClean relinquishes his commission on completion of service, and retains the rank of 2nd Lt.

1920 Jul/Sep Married in Belfast to Martha Frances Salmon

1921 Nov 29. Joined ADRIC with service no 2194. Posted to F Coy

1922 Jan 17. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC.

My info is that he was a District Inspector and served in Enniskillen, Newtownards and Co. Armagh. I have an RIC whistle which I believe was his. The family have a great story about someone taking a pot shot through his window in Co. Armagh and how he made all the locals clear away all the trees and shrubs from around the house

1926 Apr 30. patent. 274,231. McClean, Cornelius Gilliland., and Sinclair, John. April 30, 1926. Shelves. - Cupboards or racks are fitted with internal division plates 1 and telescopic partitions 5, 6 which may be used in vertical or horizontal positions. Longitudinal series of holes are provided in the plates 1 for the securing bolts passing through the flanged ends of the telescopic partitions 5, 6. When used horizontally the ends of the plates 1 are adjustably mounted on vertical racks (not shown), and in the vertical position are secured by bolts through their end flanges.

1942 Nov 18 Died in Northern Ireland. McClean Cornelius Gilliland of 5 Shandon Drive Bangor county Down civil servant died 15 November 1942 at The District Hospital Newtownards county Down Administration Belfast 21 December to Martha Frances McClean the widow. Effects £571 11s. 5d.

1949 Jun 12. Arrives UK from Canada, a 25 year old Civil Servant living in Bangor, Co Down This is a son of our man as his address is the same as the 1942 death in Bangor. He was born 1 Jul 1923 in Belfast