Capt. Campbell Grant McKenzie

1894 Jul 24. Born Aberdeen

1901 census at 69 Forest Avenue, Aberdeen Mannsfield

1915 Mar 20. date of commission as 2nd Lt

1915 Jun 2 Landed in France

1915 Jul 13. The undermentioned Second Lieutenants (on probation) are confirmed in their rank: Campbell Grant McKenzie

1915 25 Sep . Wounded & returned to duty in Sept 1916.

1916 Sep 20. The undermentioned to be acting Capts. whilst comdg. a Coy.: — 2nd Lt. C. G. McKenzie, Spec. Res,

Evacuated to England with Trench fever

1917 Apr 1. Promoted temp Lt.

1917 Jun 14 Promooted Lt

1917 Jun 15. The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. but not to carry pay or allowances of that rank prior to 1st July 1917, unless holding temp, or actg. higher
rank with pay.and allowances: — C. G. MoKenzie.

Returned to France and acted as 2nd in command 14 A & S Highlanders

1919 Apr 23 Demobbed

1920 Apr 1. Relinquishes his commission. 3rd Gord. Highrs.—Capt.and retain the rank of Capt.: — C. G. McKenzie

1920 Aug 2. Joined ADRIC service no 97. Posted to A Coy ADRIC in Kilkenny ?

1920 Sep 14. He "resigned" from ADRIC

1922 Aug 22. Arrives UK from Lagos UK address Larchwood, Alford, Aberdeenshire (as on MIC). Civil Servant

1922 Dec 27 Leaves UK for Nigeria. He is a Civil Servant

1924 Aug 7 Arrives UK on SS Wadai from Lagos, 1st class, police officer.

1924 Dec 8 Leaves UK for Lagos. He has been living at Larchwood, Alford, Aberdeen. He is a Civil Servant and travels 1st Class

1926 Sep 13. Arrives UK from Lagos on SS Appam, 1st class. "Political"

1930 Apr 9. Arrives UK from Lagos on SS Lochkatrine, 1st class. civil servant

1932 May 2. Arrives UK on SS Appam from Lagos, 1st class, civil servant

1932 Sep 21. Leaves UK for Nigeria

1934 May 12 Arrives UK on SS Accra from Lagos, travelling alone, 1st class, Civil Servant

1938 Aug 31. Leaves UK for Nigeria on "SS Apapa"

1939 Aug 30. Leaves UK for Nigeria. He is a District Officer

1940 He is noted as British Resident in Ilorin Province , Nigeria

1941 Dec 21. Arrives in UK from Freetown. Police Service, Nigeria

1944 Mar 4. Lands in Maryland USA in transit. The landing card says he had wounds to right leg and arm (presumably from WW) He is on a British Airways flight from Nigeria to London

1948 Apr 12. arrives UK on SS Apapa from Lagos, 1st class, Administrative Service Nigeria

1948 Aug 26. Leaves UK for Nigeria. UK addess Haughton House, Alford, Aberdeen. He is an Admin Officer

1949 Sep 19 Arrives UK from Lagos. Castle Lodge Alford, Aberdeen. District Officer.

During his time in Nigeria he had at least one child, a daughter who in 2020 was still alive and living in Nigeria.( I have this from his great grandson) I was able to talk to my grandmother to get more information. My grandmothers name is Aisha, she estimates her current  age to be around 80. Her mother was from Sokoto, Nigeria. Her name was Mayro  , but C.G Mckenzie preferred calling her Mary. Here are some of the places he resided in while he was in Nigeria: Bauchi, Jalingo, Azarai(Zaria), Adamawa. She also mentioned he would always complain of having leg pain. He had a niece, from one of his brothers. His niece may have moved to Canada. He used to send my grandmother letters and gifts from Scotland, the only part of the address on the letters she can remember is “NW11". Those letters, gifts, pictures were all lost in a fire.

1971 Mar 2. Died Aberdeenshire aged 77 at New Kinord House, Dinnet From other information on the house's ownership he could not have lived here before 1958. In 1977 the house was bought by Muir of Dinnet Nature Reserve, and is still in 2020 their headquaters

New Kinord House, Dinnet, Aberdeen